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  • Day456 A new year

    A new year is a new beginning. Yes Day 1. I will eventually reset my blog to Day 1 maybe some day. Actually to those who didn’t know I have done so like 5 or 6 times already — not for this blog here but on 5-6 previous journals usually after about 500 ish days, […]

  • day252 – coping being stay put

    Day 252 I was reading my own posts last weekend and had to use my site navigation (the theme sucks and yes I know, the navigation navigation drives me nut, and so does the infinite scrolling) because I want to discover some pattern / big picture in my life, since I was writing a summary […]

  • Journal –

    In need of a Journal – So I’m trying this thing out. WP is a new platform (for me) / and taking a leap to host it to the WWW