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In need of a Journal –

So I’m trying this thing out. WP is a new platform (for me) / and taking a leap to host it to the WWW

and with my own domain. Hello World!

Some ideas I have for this site, is journal for various things I am doing. Like most journals, it will be about the “boring” day to day life. Since, I do “a lot” (relatively of course – maybe like 1 or twice in a year) of hikes and backpacking, so this will be my avenue where I share my experiences. Yes, I’m a noob to the this outdoor life.

I do “a lot” of running. Yes, I run marathons and have done 5 so far. So this is more or less a place where I talk about running. I’m a noob too, so nobody should pay attention to me. But, But, I’m very excited about running. So I won’t stop writing about this.

I am a techie. Sort-of. Yes, I will talk about this from time to time. Can’t help it. Sorry if it gets a bit too technical for the general public.

-signing off (day-1).

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