Day 72 – Seattle Trip Plan (July 2019)

I just booked my plane ticket to Seattle for the Jack and Jill Marathon. This is for July. I know it is still awhile away but usually price will go up,  so might as well book it now.

Finally get it off my back because I have been looking at it for who know when. It was at least two years in the making. It put my mind at ease to have it out of the way.

 The itinerary for the trip still needs to be iron out as well as various things once I determined what I want to do in Seattle besides running. It will be mostly a fly in fly out weekend thing since I don’t want to take too much time off work. 

I will leave Thursday night and come back on Tuesday morning.  So I basically have the Friday and Monday free. The race is on Saturday and Sunday is church day. I might explore the city at night either Saturday or Sunday. Friday morning, I probably want to check out the race course. I read the description and know what to expect, but nothing beat walking on the course itself. I’m not a big shot and I don’t expect to BQ this time. Still, I want to act like one and will throughly familiarize myself with the course.

Monday though is undecided. I might do a one or two night camping. The alternative is to drive up to Vancouver and explore a bit there. This will be my first time to Seattle or Vancouver. But city sight-seeing is not my cup of tea. I prefer being up on the mountain and Seattle has plenty of them.

Seattle will be only one race this year that is far far away.  All other ones are local — couple of them are on the other end of the state and I will need to drive 6-7 hours to get there, still if it is in the same state it is local.

I am itching to sign up a 50k for the last weekend of April. Common sense tells me not to do it and to wait till next year, but my inner voice is telling me do it now because there is no reason why I couldn’t run it now. 

It is easy to book a race than to train for one. I love the booking part. I wish though I don’t have to book it and just show up on the morning of and run, but that only would work if the race is small. Still booking part is easy.

I did a 5 M run today. Legs are kind of feeling it (tired). 

Running Stats: 

  • week 1, ran 7 miles
  • Week2, ran 7 miles
  • Week3, ran 24 miles
  • Week4, ran 23 miles
  • This week, so far ran about 24 miles, hoping to add a few more by end of the week

As you can see, I have been goofing off last month, putting in about 60 miles. There goes my dream to run 2019 miles this year. 

Hopefully by the end of Spring, I can put up 50+ miles per week. I don’t know, they say don’t suddenly increase my mileage. The goal for me this week is to have 30 miles. Then increase about 5 miles more per week.



Clothes and shoes. Day 67

I’m not running today because I need a time off to recover and to be ready for the coming weekend long run. I could run but my muscles are a bit tired. My total distance done during last 4 weeks is 33 miles out of 100 miles planned. I definitely need to do better. I have about 12 weeks left.

What I have been up to the last few days? Running has so many minor non-running tasks to do. I have been scheduling races. I got all the big races taking care of but my 5k and 10k races are still up in the air. I looked at the days and all and I will do about 10 or 12 of those. The first one is in Feb. 

About being up in the air, I am looking at hotels and airfare to Seattle which will be my first race far far away (in July). I booked a hotel for the first 4 days but I plan to stay additional days in Vancouver, and that part hasn’t been covered yet.

Also been looking for water bottles and camel pack for runners. Not just normal bottles, which I do have many around, I like some kind that you could carry handfree – some kind of strap.  They are expensive. I am picking between the quiver type (like arrows), vs the normal camel pack. I like a Nathan set. And an Ultimate Direction. And Orange Mud. I hate choices because I don’t know which ones I like best. I might end up buying all three.

I haven’t looked into shoes. The last race messed up my shoes so I need a new pair for racing and another pair for practice. This year, taking on a few ultras, I definitely need couple pairs of trail running shoes. Shopping time.