Day433 brain dump2

I had some ideas earlier this morning how I should write. Unfortunately, I can’t recall them.

I enjoyed my runs. I have been doing some big runs/walks to finish the Virtual Race (Back) Across Tennessee. There are about 250 miles left, and I’m kind of on target to finish (ETA 9/5). I have to finish by 8/31 for it to be counted. So I try to run about 90-100 miles each week. So far, I am on target though it will be hard.

Long story short is I spent a lot time on the road running the last few weeks and I was usually doing some late night runs. Safety stand point is not good but I enjoy the cooler runs and kind of like being alone.

Was it tiring? Yes but I am better at it than last year. Not complaining much. The weather was generally more cooler this summer than last year. This week we had couple days of near 100F – hot. Even at midnight, it still felt extremely hot (hovering near 90F). Yes so hot I couldn’t run but only walked. It was only lasted couple days. Generally it was cooler. I got my miles in regardless. No rain so far on my run.

The first week when I started to ramp up my miles, my feet were swollen after putting in 110 miles. I couldn’t wear my normal shoes. Just want to put it out there. Not complaining. Slowly, my feet adapted to the high mileage. There are nuggets of truth somewhere.

Why I am doing this? Hard to explain. Those who are not in it can’t relate. We who are running the GVRAT are like fanatics. We love the race. We love going back out every day and get the miles in. Many did finish already and we are excited for each other. A few like me are still struggling.

What is next? Summer is drawing to a close. Time flies. I am happy even though I was not racing much this month. I did a 5K – the Birthday Bash (Potomac River Running – Shoes store’s birthday). But my long runs have mostly filled up my racing craving! I wrote some about running to the Airport one night, or being chase by a storm on another, or this week – I had a close encounter with death to run right after a storm (by going through a fallen tree with a downed wire underneath). Sorry no space to write about that.

Oh what’s next? I will be doing the midnight (moonlight) marathon in West Virginia in two weeks. I am hyped! Also hoping to finish the GVRAT by then! After that on Labor Day weekend, I will be running the Iron Mountain Trail Run (40 mile race). I have been waiting to run this race for 3 years. It is happening. With all the training and anticipation, oh I am giddy. Did I mention I signed up for the Devil Dog Ultra – I think I did. Wow, it means much.

What does this mean? I look toward races like going to a retreat. It is a religious experience for me. I am shaken in a religious sense. I get goose bumps and electric feeling running down my back whenever I go for these long runs. I wish I can really explain or show how that is. Yes, probably I am a fanatic/maniac. I’m just somebody who enjoys running a lot.

Presently, I am on a trip – a training run for the Iron Mountain Trail. I wish I can share all the high points! Yes, I feel I am on top of the mountain. Literally I was on one. Emotionally too.

I don’t know how to close this entry without writing more. I looked into my Rim to River 100 Race. And I looked into the Annapurna Trek. All within this week. Basically I did the research that I said I should be doing. I am at a point in life – I wanted to do something big – like how am I different this year compare to before – and I am in a holding pattern at the same time. I need to push myself to the ‘next’ level. I can’t be comfortable at where I am. These trips are kind of like that pushing me higher.

I have been trying to readjust my blog for transitioning to this new ‘phase’ such as posting only once a week. I changed blog name. I had a new tag (almost is my vision statement). I had a new mission statement. I kind of know what I want to be. Soon I will renumber my blog (starting from Day1 again but Vol 2) – still debating on to do it or not. Obviously I like numbering. I am very anal, but I also seek a new start.

So I have been day dreaming on what it will take to hike the Annapurna (in Nepal). Who is with me?

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