Haphazardly going through life today not really not knowing what to expect the next moment.

I was going to do a hike up Sugarloaf mountain

in MD today but due to low turnout I decided to postpone it till next month.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning with hiking in mind. Once I decided not to hike, I have choices of what to do for this weekend.

Since I have been sidelined (not running) for three/four weeks due to ankle injury, I decided to go do some running today – long run.

Knowing the weather is great… I actually had several things I wanted to do. I could and did think about doing the Sugarloaf hike by myself. Also the leaves are turning so beautiful, I wanted too to go to Shenandoah. I wanted too to hike Mt Marshall. Yet being not too familiar with Shenandoah, I didn’t want to do it alone. I was too lazy to pull out the map.

Running won out. By the time I got myself out the door, it was 9:00. I wanted to do 20 miles. I thought I could.

The morning couldn’t be more perfect. It was nippy but I could still run in one layer. The wind was a little strong. I felt the wind chill. So I went back inside and put on couple more layers.

The first mile was hard… I couldn’t really go into my pace and my breathing was off. It took too much effort to run. I was struggling. Half mile in, I had to stop. The entire run was stop and go. Day warmed up pretty well. By 3-4 mile mark, I was feeling better. I could find my pace. I finished the first 10 miles and decided to stop by at my mom’s place.

My mom was about to leave for Great Falls. I had an option to continue with the run or go to Great Falls. Since I was struggling with my run, a break was godsent.

I told myself I can continue my run at the park. But I ended up spending time with family until mid afternoon. Once got bacl home, I decided to finish the run, but the sofa seemed so good, and I felt asleep until my brother-in-law call for a favor. I really don’t want to do my run yet. All said and done, it was 6 in the evening I went out and did another 10 miles.

Life sometimes is unexpected. One thing to another, I had a good day. Night came and I didn’t finish my run until 8:30. It was my longest time to do a 20-mile run. Running time is about 4-4.5 hours but it took whole day from start to finish.

I feel good.

End Day7.

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