Day 70

I have been staying indoor for most part because the cold just stings. You could layer up and cover yourself but cold is cold. There are people running still. Not me. At least for most part.  Probably just an excuse for me though. I know I can run in the cold.

I stepped out a couple times but headed back inside. 

I did a 3 mile run last night with my club leader. The rest just bailed and I wouldn’t blame them. But we did it. I wore my usual get up a tee underneath a long sleeves. But my ears and extermities were cold. I later put on ear muffs and gloves to avoid possible frostbite. People die in this cold. I afraid I might die too on the way so I packed a jacket and fleece in my backpack and for good measure tossed in the ice spikes. I ran with my bookbag. I didn’t have to use them. That was that. I knew I had to do the run and wanted the extra weight. An army dude told me he would lent me his weight jacket if I ever need them. My bookbag is the poorman version of that.

My thoughts through out the evening were why am I doing this. Not that I was doubting myself or was I wavering in my commitment. I know the reason deep in my bones.

It is a secret. I didn’t want my marathon debut to be a one off event. Luckily over the last two years I did six already. 

People know that I am always training. Each race leads to an even bigger race. I wrote before my goal eventually will take me to run a marathon in all fifty states. 

 I also set sight now on doing an ultra, at least try a 100 miler ultra. However, these are all secondary goals. Really. I am for real.

The number one reason I am still training is because I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I want to do it with the woman of my dream. We, well I at least wanted to do it by 2020. Looking at it now it is impossible but it was a good dream. Well I can still try to qualify it this year :).  I thought three years were plenty of time to train up for Boston. Little did I know the three years, I haven’t bulged at all in my time. I am still slow as ever.

My love for doing marathons usually brought up in conversations. They teased me that I must be having an affair or which woman has totally taking over my life because running is taking over my life. It is my life.

 They are closer to the truth.  I ran to impress a woman.  They would laugh. They said you don’t want those kind of ladies (for the reason the fast runners are too skinny). It is just like if I say to them I brought a F150 pickup truck to pick up ladies. They told me you don’t want those kind of women (I sold my truck now). They said, I should go live in Texas to pick up cowgirls.

I do run for a feeling. I remember my first race with my girlfriend. It was surreal. No one ever able to keep up with me but this lady not only could keep up with me, she out ran me. Later I found out she competed in her school or university and she was fast. Running though wasn’t her event. When I run, it always brought me back to that first run! Same as hiking. I hike for that feeling of other worldliness and surreal out of body experience. I might be exaggerated a bit, but that feeling is why I run and why I can run/hike forever after I go into a trance.

Oh, how this related to cold? Cold just brings me into that state faster!!! The death state 🙂


Day 69

I had a long weekend doing two things of my heart’s desire. Running and hiking. At the end of it, I still couldn’t believe it. It was like yeah, I have done this all my life. It was fun, I was told at the end of it all. That caught me by surprise. Fun. I didn’t even think the first word would be fun. Yes the weekend from beginning to the end was fun.

I wish we had done a 30 miles hike instead of 19. That would have been truly a ‘long’ suffering but that would have been fun for me. 19 miles was still fun. I could limp out the wood with blisters yet still can run the next day. A thirty mile hike would probably sideline me for couple days.

I have been injured many times due to running and so far each time I was amazed how fast my body recovered. Maybe I haven’t been too seriously injured where I have to be out for an extended time. Most of the times, it was just a recovery after a major race. I would stop running couple days and I would be ok again. The last time I kind of seriously injured myself was on New Year Eve when I tripped and fell. I was bed-rested (kind of for an evening). The next day though, I went back outside and ran. Was very happy about it.

I read in forum where people asked whether to run after such and such injury. There is the official answer of seeking your doctor and there is the runner’s answer – you run base on your pain threshold (listen to your body). How much pain can you tolerate? I know it is crazy. We all know it is crazy, but it is true.  We all have to make our own call whether we should stay put or we should run.

Today I got to experience what it means about pain threshold. I haven’t reached mine yet. Hopefully won’t be in awhile. I know I wasn’t seriously injured. It was just skin scrap because of blisters on each of my heel from yesterday hiking (I blamed the socks). Normally I don’t run when I hurt.

I ran today with blisters – they were already popped. Each step was painful. I was wondering how long I could stand it.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad.  The pain was there but I was on runner high today. Toward the end I didn’t feel too much. I had a very good time. This is rare. I kind of put the pain away, and just focus on my run. Not sure how I did it but I did. It was a joy to be out there. I have a bloody sock for keepsake. Eew. I know, but it is like a badge. I have unlocked a new level of me.

Was that fun? You betcha. Wanna do again?? Maybe in a long while.

P.S. *Fun – it was referred by my friend to Sunday worship and probably the lunch after as being fulfilling and worthwhile, but I got the same head scratching idea of worship being fun to with hiking/running in pain being fun because I don’t know how to describe worship as being fun.

Review 19.02

Day 60 / Second Review – “December Update”

The last 30 days came and  disappeared like a flash. I blogged another 30 days! The highlight was the 31 miles (50K) race completed. You can read all about it in the race report. Before the race I didn’t think I was prepared enough. I, at the time, had no idea how I could run another 5 miles on top of running a 26 miles. Then there were all kinds of panic at the last minute regarding the weather not being optimal on the race day. In the end these fears were moot. The race went well. I did finish, and that all it mattered. Continue reading “Review 19.02”

Finally got outside

I finally got myself outside and ran. Not going to go in details about how my body reacted…and adjusted to running again. My right hip area still bothers me. It feels like something is wrong with the joint socket or one of the nerve/muscles is a bit off. I could locate that particular muscle with my finger but I was all at lost trying to look up a human anatomy diagram to figure out which one it was… I know I should go seek an expert/specialist. Somehow I am like one of those people who never seek a doctor unless it is time to roll over and die. Oh my goodness. I know.

Anyway, the run was great.  Continue reading “Finally got outside”


It is something I would imitate…keep it up!

Excessive and Composed

Happy New Year!!

I have several resolutions but my number one is getting into shape and becoming a healthier me. ——No eye rolling from the peanut gallery please— I’m also embarking on a really neat mileage challenge… walk/run two thousand and nineteen miles in 2019! After you do the math it equates to about five and a half miles a day.

The Skinny (hahaha knee slapping humor)

– Water intake: pretty much zero

– Food intake: not healthy, not counting calories

– Gym time: every day (ALL TWO OF THEM)

– Weight: 145lbs

– Goal weight: 120lbs

– January goal: lose 5lbs

My workout schedule is as follows:

Monday- 30 minutes of cardio followed by back, biceps, and triceps followed by 20 more minutes of cardio

Tuesday- one hour of cardio

Wednesday- 30 minutes of cardio followed by chest and shoulders followed by 20 minutes of cardio

Thursday- one hour…

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