Day417 time pause

I read a good blog the other day from Isaac Takes a Hike, about his Badger Mountain 100. He shared of the time during the race when he came into an aid station and he was not feeling well at least well enough to continue. He determined not to leave the aid station until he… Continue reading Day417 time pause

Day399 Flex

Not trying to make any statement…just something I saw on my run Why is the flag flown at half staff? anyone? Is it because of last week? “insurrection?” Short blog today… my sister said my blog is always too long. Learned a new web thing today. TL;DR I thought it was a typo people put… Continue reading Day399 Flex

Day351 Whatz now

It has been peaceful for me. Yes once the GSER and GVRAT were done, I started the CRAW (running around the world virtually) with 9 other people. That what we have been doing, one virtual race after another. But it is different. Once you do it with another person, training becomes fun again. We swap… Continue reading Day351 Whatz now

Day301 RnR

I need some Rest and Recreation time. Couple nights (Monday) ago my body just refused to run. I had planned to run about 18-20 miles that evening. I was halfway through at mile 9 and I could feel it, my system shutted down. Usually I could run forever once I started running. You just lock… Continue reading Day301 RnR

Day300 review 20.8

A last minute change of plan, I do have a post for today, which I have written back in March but decided to keep it a little longer until I reach Day 365, because it makes more sense that way, since it is a yearly summary. For this quarter though, it will just a normal… Continue reading Day300 review 20.8

Day299 Last day

Yay! Tomorrow we will begin a new chapter and we kick this crazy corona2020 in the bucket. Kidding. I think we will live with the new normal for a long time. Not anything spectacular to write about today except it is the last day for filler. I do have something but they are controversial and… Continue reading Day299 Last day

Day292 Random Friday

Thank you readers for stopping by! I felt when I started this project, it was more or less a journal for myself or a letter to myself. I didn’t expect to have an audience who would follow my stuffs. The people who I expect would follow don’t — I mean those real life friends and… Continue reading Day292 Random Friday


I had a perfect blog to write while running but things and thoughts vanished once I stepped inside the house. I don’t feel like writimg any more because I am sleepy. I received a sad news couple days ago of a pilot missionary or missionary pilot depending how you want to stress her job title.… Continue reading Day285