I probably wrote about this before. Last two years have been both ups and downs. The first year of course I set all the personal bests and it felt great.

The second year (this year) though is much harder to break any previouly set record. I think also age is catching up, I am running a bit slower every year but at the same time I think I am training much harder than the year before.

I weighted myself this morning. I am 2 lbs heavier. I’m not a girl but I do feel disappointed with the weight gain. With all the running, I still don’t have a runner body yet.

It is hard to find growth. I could point to, last weekend, I ran my fastest 10k ever. It was 10 seconds faster per mile and I think I wasn’t in my full speed yet! Is that growth or is that just an anormaly in the data?

My big goal is to get my body to running long distances this first few years and then I’ll work on improving my speed to bring my marathon finishing time down to 3 hours. But I can’t wait.

(End day 9)

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