I normally follow my training plan religiously, actually I am way more devoted to my running than anything, but today I deviated from the plan. The plan

calls for a day of rest. I should rest after the long run on Saturday and a record breaking race yesterday. My legs are dead tired.

However, looking ahead, I want to take Wednesday off running, and I don’t know if this weekend if I can squeeze in any time to run. I scheduled a hike this coming Saturday. It is a 9 miles hike, plus there’s a birthday celebration. The following day, there is a dinner gathering. And, I started to attend Wednesday night praise time at church, which leaves very little room left for running.

I want to transition my run rest day from Monday to Wednesday. This way I can have Wednesday night off.

So tonight I started running after I got home. I also deviated from my practice of run first before eating. I went to my mom’s place and I was offered dinner and it was too good to turn down. I started running at 9:18 pm. I decided to run for an hour.

Relating to this, I realize that I am no longer running based on distances but I should run based on the time. Like tonight instead of setting a goal of running 3-4 miles, I set my goals to run for an hour instead of running based on distances. Unfortunately, I finished the loop faster than expected, in 50 minutes. I spent last 10 minutes cool down by walking around the neighborhood.

I’m tired and sleepy…I wanted to write some more but my mind is losing focus.

(End 8.2)

By Antin

There is nothing more I like than to run, hike, and be with one I love