Rest day

I will rest up today. 

I am happy to have written the race report. There are a lot I still want to say now after I have done with the report. Yet I have to move on and prepare for the next one.

The next one is a 50k. My first 50k. Based on the past weekend performance, I don’t know how I will be able to run another 8km after doing 42km. I guess I will count steps and I will walk. I will also run slower at the beginning.

One thing I really like about this past race was there were people laughing as they ran. I don’t know how they did it. They were just happy. They were running faster than me. I enjoy running, but last weekend was just hard work for me and I didn’t have that enthusiasm like they did. I am an angry runner. I wasn’t angry though, but I wasn’t happy when I was running.

Another thing I realized was I couldn’t run forever. I used to feel as long as there is pavement I would keep on running. I would still run if there is none. I used to feel like I was a train and it would just keep on going. It was a great feeling when I get to that stage. 

Something broke inside me during this race. I actually wanted to stop during the race. DNF – Does not finish never cross my mind before in a race but this past weekend there was that temptation to quit in the middle of the race.  

Now that I finished, looking back, it seemed easy. I laughed about it with other runners. I met one who ran 30 marathons and she asked me if I  caught the marathon bug. 

I don’t know if I will do all fifty states. It is still too early to tell. I know once I get around 30 states. It could be 30 years from now.

I read something about marathon majors yesterday. I think three of them are in US: Boston, New York, and Chicago. I am lucky that I won’t have to spend too much money if I want to do them. For me running in those famed races is not for me. I will do them some day but it is not something I am striving for at the moment. I knew couple people who have done them. What I want to attempt to do though is to able to run six marathons in a year. I do my own minors. Once I get to that condition of able to do six in a year, I will have the confident of doing all 50 states.

No more running today. I might use the gym and do some light exercises.  I am more sore today than yesterday. My left calf now is sore and it wasn’t yesterday.

(Day 25 end)

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