Disappointed a little

Thinking more on the conversation I had with my Ironman friend the other night, I was a little disappointed.  He told me that if I want to do ironman races, my marathon time will slow down. But running fast is what I want.

He said because there is a trade-off between having a better a time during the bike portion and the run portion. Most would pick biking over running because it is on average take longer to finish. Doing well on the bike will result in better time overall. The swim portion doesn’t matter too much, because there is plenty of time to catch up at the bike and run event. This is applicable to me because I am not a strong swimmer. I can try to equalize my time by doing well on the ride and run. It is too early to think of ironman yet.

I was kind of upset when I heard that my running time would be affect because the reason I wanted to do the trialthon in the first place is so that I would have greater endurance and so I would finish faster in my marathons. I think in most of the long runs I peppered out at the end because I lack the ability to last. If only I can run at 8:30 pace or even 9 min pace I would be able to break four hour finishing time (3:56).

I do want to have greater endurance since now I’m doing an ultra marathon next year. He advised me to train when I’m tired by riding bike first and then do the long run.  I’m thinking to try this as soon as I can. There might be a chance to do so this weekend. I have two more weeks before my next race. My recovery is on track. I can squeeze one more long run before my last race of the season.

I’m really trying to hack my body to squeeze out everything so that I can run faster. At first I thought my time would improve quickly. Now after two years of running, reality set in. Even trying to beat a minute off my best time is hard. 

It is true that I have not done a lot of track training. They say if I more speed work on the track, my time would improve. I’m holding off the speed work until next year or the year after. The current plan is to adjust my body of the high volume of mileage demanded.

(End day 28)

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