Relaxed a bit

I had another run last night, a 4 miler. It was a relaxing pace. I ran with two other people. We were not in a hurry to go any where. We started early and ended early. I then had my dinner and relaxed a bit.

I spent some time to read and followed other runners blogs. Some are super amazing. I am still very new to the ultra marathon thing. I read someone compare a regular marathon to an ultra as type A and type B personality. In a regular marathon, everyone care about finishing time and I am like that — they say if a runner saw someone hurt or fall during a run, most likely the runner will not stop to help (I’m guilty of this; I encountered twice when I saw somebody fell, and I didn’t stop to check on them).  Whereas in an ultra, people focus on finishing and people are more lay back and are more than willing to help a fellow runner.

I felt I still have more to go. 50k is just a stepping stone. Even a 50 miler is really a beginning. I read about people who did 100 or 200 miler or even beyond that. Those are mind numbling distance. My life goal is probably to try to do one of the 100 milers. A 200 mile race is really beyond my comprehension at the moment.

While running last night, I was thinking if I will have sufficient training for the 50 miler. I know I have about a year to train for it. My weekly mileage is still too low at the moment. I probably not going get whole lot of mileage unless I change my habit. I was thinking if I need another 50k early next summer to push myself into training mode. 

I know I am about to go into off-season for few weeks and have a break after the 50k race, but I am already thinking about the next training regiment for next fall/winter season. 

I came across a blog of someone who ran a marathon finishing about half an hour faster than me and I was wondering what was her secret. For me that half hour gap seems really  within myeach yet so far away. She had, I think her journey into running is similar to me. Then she got herself a coach and did tempo run (speed work). It was kind of reassuring because she started couple years ahead of me, and I know if I persist along, I might get that PR time I want. I know result is not guarantee, but knowing someone who did it gives that extra confident that I can do it as well. 

(End Day 29)

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