Is there any other thing I do besides running? There are countless of things to do every day. I only have less than 24 hours, with 8 or so hours for sleep, another 8-10 hours for work, 2 or so hours for eating, and for me an extra hour for commute. I left with about and average of three hours each work day for time to do whatever I want… And so mainly it comes down to time at the gym or time on the track.  There is also time needed for up keep. 

Boy I spent too much time eating and sleeping and working. Luckily my long commute is really a therapy and additional sleep time. I use that time to blog or to read.  I use my eating time to plan on my run. The other night, during meal, I reviewed my last race split time. 

If we really want something, we have strive for it. I don’t know why I like running and why I work at it and devote to it like it is the most important thing in my life. The more I spend time on it the more I love it.  Maybe I have no other thing to do. 

I never consider running as something I need to do. If I think like that I would never able to go do it. It is just too time consuming to go out and run aimlessly for hours. If I am training, yes, I am very strict on my time. But to just go out to run, because I like it, I don’t think in terms of time. Time automatically is available for my running. 

There were days when I was pressed for time. Thinking back, I didn’t know how to cope with that. I was glad I could squeeze a run out either during lunch time or the first hour after I woke up.  I found out the less time I had, the more I run. During those days, I ran in the middle of the night or early morning or during lunch. Sleep, food, anything else became secondary. I was running at 1 or 2 AM while people were sleeping and the next day, I was up at five again and out the door running at 6. I love those days. I thought of nothing but run. As you can see, I mature a bit. I no longer run at crazy hours.

Yes there are other things I do. Running only take about an hour each day. It is that I like to talk so much about this one hour time. It is the best moment each day.

I could talk about people I work with or my family or my car or my work or my church, or my friends….or thousand other things that are all very important to me. I have read on here of poems people wrote about their loved ones, and I wish I could write the same about my mom or my sister or people I love so much out of the whole world.

Echooing someone I read…I find spare time to run. I wish there is nothing else to do but to run.

(End day 30)

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