Still lazy

Still being lazy with my runs over the Xmas and new year holidays. I have so far done 2 runs in a week. No wonder many people online asked who is going to run this weekend. It is either the last run of the year or the first run of the year. Many I think are taking it easy. But some haredcore runners are gonna run regardless.

I signed up a New Year Day 5k, but might have to cancel it because of other plan (hiking). What worse is it’s free and I do feel bad about canceling on a free event. I would like to see if my speed has returned.  I am aiming for 26 min, though I feel my body is probably put out 31-32 min. I never run that slow on a 5k…., So probably 28 mins is expected.

I had a short run yesterday for like 30 minutes around the neighborhood. My usual speed started coming back. I have a few stiff joints. My right hip is not all that smooth. It does not hurt but something is not right there. Because of time constraint and my hip, I didn’t finish my usual 5k route.  I ran maybe a mile. It was like a warm up run. I did work up a sweat. The weather is unusually warm this whole weekend. 45-50F (10C). It felt good to be outside.

On other topic, there are some irritating things about the WP, particularly its android app/reader. I fumbled around with the reblog option yesterday. The WP Reader does not offer reblog button (maybe it does, but can’t find it) and the sharing option in the Reader is not the same as reblog. There’s much different between WP webpage and the app. Grrh. I mainly use the app for everything but I think developers focus on the webpage. I just surprised by the parity. I had assumed it’s mobile first now for the millennials unless they don’t blog. Right, instagram and snapchat. So to reblog a blog, I would have to launch the site through a web browser. This was more complicated than it should. tumblr was much easier to use…but that Tumblr. My geekiness coming out of me.

Day End 50

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