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  • Day451 Stone Mill 50 (second time)

    The race came the week after the Rim to River 100 mile. Initially, I was not going to run it since it was too close to the big race, but after finish the 100 mile, I felt why not, I feel fine, let try it. I was not running for time and in most ultras […]

  • Day444 High Bridge Ultra

    High Bridge was on my race-to-run list since after finishing the Eastern Divide in 2018, but things got in the way ever since as usual, so after three years, I was finally free to go down to Pamplin, Virginia, to run this 50K, the High Bridge Ultra. The race is part of the trail race […]

  • Day436 Moonlight Marathon

    Blackwater Falls – The sunset had set and moon had not risen yet. It was a bit cloudy and the forecast was 10% chance of rain. The breezes were nice after couple weeks of extreme hot whether. I felt a few drops of rain but the atmosphere was like any big marathon. There were 700 […]

  • Day419 Grayson Highlands 50

    Why running this race? The race promised a course that is beautiful, hard, and they have ponies! It was definitely hard even with long cutoffs and a shortened course. The beauty of the place does make up for the hard run. I love mountains. I love the view. I got to see the highland from […]

  • Day411 Seneca 50K / 2021

    This was my second year running the Seneca 50K. I volunteed in 2019 and ran it last year at the beginning of the pandemic in our area. We were sitting on the edge whether we would have all the permits required for the in-person race. This year we had wave start at around 10 people […]

  • Day389 Race

    I might be biting off more than I could chew this weekend for I am beat. I have slept whole afternoon on Sunday to recover. First off, I did the Devil Dog 50k puppy/corona edition. I first heard of the Devil Dog 100 last year from someone at the Eastern Divide. He did the Devil […]

  • Day380 Stone Mill 50

    I ran the Stone Mill 50. There are reports out on the internet about this race, so I won’t go too much into it. Yes there were swamp pits and stream crossings. Most trails are dry and runable (smooth). It is enjoyable if you like trail. Not for clean road runner people though. This year […]

  • Day316 100 mile review

    There were a lot of things went well and I also made a lot of newbie mistakes. In the end I did not finish. The 100 mile run is not easy. They say running a 100 miles is to overcome issues that crop up along the way. To finish you have to overcome those. Some […]

  • day 257 virtual run#3

    This weekend was originally planned to be a trip to Laurel Highlands in PA, Trip#3 to Pennsylvania, but with the stay at home order from our governor, it is not wise to run about. I am sure people of Pennsylvania would not be trilled to have me there either. Their trooper/park ranger might give me […]

  • Reston X Miler (10 Miles)

    Day 240 / Long post I better get to it before I don’t want to write about it any more. My usual practice is to only journal about my big runs, and this 10 miler is not what I considered a big race. Still it was pretty awesome of overcoming hurdles to get to the […]