Ice every where! Day 68

Back in December around Christmas I hiked the Overall Trail and the placed was flooded with water due excessive rain. My friend and I went back there today. The flood was gone. There were still plenty of water, but because the temperature was below freezing, the ground was frozen, otherwise we would have been in a swamp. 

We did an out and back in the vicinity of where we hiked previously without going over the same trail. We skipped the Neighbor Mountain but went on Knob Mountain trail. We hiked in total 18 miles and almost 19 miles. Halfway in we were originally going to do loop and we found out in order to finish the loop, we would have to hike 21 miles more, based on some rough calculation. We had done 9 miles at the time. My hike leader decided there was no way we were going to finish if we pressed ahead, so we turned around and hike back out the way we came. It could have been a very long hike. We finished about half an hour over our expected time and hiked three miles more than our stated goal, which was pretty good. We were hiking more than 3 mph at times.

I was able to find out that I haven’t completely recovered from my last adventure. My left hip was giving me trouble. I couldn’t lift my left foot very high. It kind of shutter along. After 10 miles, it was hurting at every step. My boots also were giving me trouble. I realized this after the first mile, because I had hot spots on the back of my heels, but there was very little I can do. I had band-aid and wrap in my pack, though they wouldn’t have helped. Looking back, I was trying out new socks and that was a bad idea. I guess I didn’t wash them beforehand, they ended up giving me blisters. Socks might have been too raw (too fiberous). Socks, I though were  hiking socks didn’t perform well. So I need new hiking socks now. I need new pair of boots too.

The rest of the hike was uneventful. I was glad to be back outdoor. It has been a stressful week and the hike really evaporated all that. I felt I was a chump on the trail though because of my foot and blisters, meaning the trail bested me.

We celebrated the end of the day with the best pizza in northern Virginia (not Costco but) at Pupatella.

I am looking forward to the next outing (BP) in two weeks. There are a few things I need to get before then, not the least a new pair of boots and socks, and maybe a new sleeping bag (need a rated 15F bag). The place is called Half Moon. It is somewhere out in West Virginia. I will write about it once it is over.

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