Clothes and shoes. Day 67

I’m not running today because I need a time off to recover and to be ready for the coming weekend long run. I could run but my muscles are a bit tired. My total distance done during last 4 weeks is 33 miles out of 100 miles planned. I definitely need to do better. I have about 12 weeks left. 

What I have been up to the last few days? Running has so many minor non-running tasks to do. I have been scheduling races. I got all the big races taking care of but my 5k and 10k races are still up in the air. I looked at the days and all and I will do about 10 or 12 of those. The first one is in Feb. 

About being up in the air, I am looking at hotels and airfare to Seattle which will be my first race far far away (in July). I booked a hotel for the first 4 days but I plan to stay additional days in Vancouver, and that part hasn’t been covered yet.

Also been looking for water bottles and camel pack for runners. Not just normal bottles, which I do have many around, I like some kind that you could carry handfree – some kind of strap.  They are expensive. I am picking between the quiver type (like arrows), vs the normal camel pack. I like a Nathan set. And an Ultimate Direction. And Orange Mud. I hate choices because I don’t know which ones I like best. I might end up buying all three.

I haven’t looked into shoes. The last race messed up my shoes so I need a new pair for racing and another pair for practice. This year, taking on a few ultras, I definitely need couple pairs of trail running shoes. Shopping time.

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