Day 69

I had a long weekend doing two things of my heart’s desire. Running and hiking. At the end of it, I still couldn’t believe it. It was like yeah, I have done this all my life. It was fun, I was told at the end of it all. That caught me by surprise. Fun. I didn’t even think the first word would be fun. Yes the weekend from beginning to the end was fun.

I wish we had done a 30 miles hike instead of 19. That would have been truly a ‘long’ suffering but that would have been fun for me. 19 miles was still fun. I could limp out the wood with blisters yet still can run the next day. A thirty mile hike would probably sideline me for couple days.

I have been injured many times due to running and so far each time I was amazed how fast my body recovered. Maybe I haven’t been too seriously injured where I have to be out for an extended time. Most of the times, it was just a recovery after a major race. I would stop running couple days and I would be ok again. The last time I kind of seriously injured myself was on New Year Eve when I tripped and fell. I was bed-rested (kind of for an evening). The next day though, I went back outside and ran. Was very happy about it.

I read in forum where people asked whether to run after such and such injury. There is the official answer of seeking your doctor and there is the runner’s answer – you run base on your pain threshold (listen to your body). How much pain can you tolerate? I know it is crazy. We all know it is crazy, but it is true.  We all have to make our own call whether we should stay put or we should run.

Today I got to experience what it means about pain threshold. I haven’t reached mine yet. Hopefully won’t be in awhile. I know I wasn’t seriously injured. It was just skin scrap because of blisters on each of my heel from yesterday hiking (I blamed the socks). Normally I don’t run when I hurt.

I ran today with blisters – they were already popped. Each step was painful. I was wondering how long I could stand it.  Luckily it wasn’t too bad.  The pain was there but I was on runner high today. Toward the end I didn’t feel too much. I had a very good time. This is rare. I kind of put the pain away, and just focus on my run. Not sure how I did it but I did. It was a joy to be out there. I have a bloody sock for keepsake. Eew. I know, but it is like a badge. I have unlocked a new level of me.

Was that fun? You betcha. Wanna do again?? Maybe in a long while.

P.S. *Fun – it was referred by my friend to Sunday worship and probably the lunch after as being fulfilling and worthwhile, but I got the same head scratching idea of worship being fun to with hiking/running in pain being fun because I don’t know how to describe worship as being fun.

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