End of the week already

Day 75

I can’t remember much what happened the last few days. I did about four miles run over three days. It was not that much. Monday, did I run? If not I don’t remember why. Probably it was the weather and I stayed in to read/catch up on my manga. I am a recent convert to be a manga fan from anime. They are just as good as watching anime if not better. I read faster than watch an anime if you even call that reading. I just scroll, scroll, scroll.

It seems I only get around to posting something at the end or at the beginning of the week.

Tuesday was club run and we did about three miles. Wednesday, again due to cold weather, I stayed in. Well kind of. I went to church for fellowship and afterward, I couldn’t make the turn into my neighborhood because they were doing some road work, so I headed to the gym and did a mile run on the treadmill. I used to be able to run forever on a threadmill but one mile was all I could do that night. It took me three tries to finish a mile. I got on and it didn’t feel right so I stopped. Later got on and off again. I gave up after the third try. My mind wasn’t focusing right. The TV on the treadmill was too distracting. I know I could have turned it off. I did get a good work out lifting weights (haha, it was a lower body workout, I was sore the next day). It was my first gym session this year. It reminded me of one of my new year resolution was to bulk up my upper body.

Finally last night was the best night. Maybe out of guilt I did 10+ miles. I was going to do 12 but was out of time, and I needed to catch the last train out the city, otherwise I would stay for couple hours longer. I was tired too, It felt like I did a marathon.

Here is the stats and route from last night. I was too tired after I got in and didn’t post them. It was past my bedtime. It still took me an hour to get home though and I got to bed at the wee hours  after showering and dinner. It was too late to go to the gym. My friend said I should go to bed at 10:30 every night. I will try to do better next week.

3 hours, 14 miles, in Washington DC, 1500 calories burned
Heart shape route with arrow through it for valentine

 Today, I will try to rest up, maybe will do a mile or two and will push for my first truly long run tomorrow in the snow. Probably not going to happen for today nor tomorrow.

They are forecasting lot of snow. I know someone is doing her 20 miles long run this weekend. So I should at least get my run maybe up to 15-18 miles. I should team up with her, so I won’t slack off.

With the mileage I put in yesterday, I am like still 15-18 miles deficit for the week. I have not passed 30 miles for the week yet. I have been in the low twenties. And my long run is half of that. This is bothering me. Got to get the number up.


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