Even busier

Day 76

Weekend was even busier but I didn’t do much over the weekend. It was a great weekend for various personal reasons, all related to God, family, and friends, so I won’t go into it. 

The long run didn’t happen – it was a self fulfilling prophesy. I should avoid that like plague. It didn’t snow at all over the weekend either. Instead we had a full sun! It was the best weather for running too. O well.

No run on Saturday. Week# 5 was 23 miles and week#6 was 24. 

Week#7 starts on Sunday, so I put in 4 miles in the morning and 6 miles at night. I was so happy this week that I squeezed in the runs before church and after church. I ran in a new place: W&OD trail. My friend offered to be my Aid Station with hot chocolate and truffles! Woot! I had all the truffles to myself. This was like my second or third time having truffles. They were good. 

I wasn’t able to squeeze in my long run on either Saturday or Sunday. I was feeling guilty enough on Monday and finally put in five hours for my long run. I did about 20+ miles. I didn’t wear my Garmin so don’t know the exact mileage. The total actual run time was probably around 4 hours.

 I am proud of it. I think now long run should be easier for the next 5-6 weeks. 

I broke today long run into three sessions. The first was 10~11 miles, the second was 6 miles, and the final was 4 miles. The first break was because I was in the middle of doing laundry and had to stopped to put clothes in the dryer. I hate cooling down and going back out in the cold. The second break (before the last last session) was a bit longer, I think I stopped for 30 minutes. I fixed dinner (jelly sandwich) and mixed my Gatorade powder drink.  I had to put clothes in the dryer again. I also had to find various clothing to put on because it got colder.

I was so cold when I went out again, the third time. I added a head cover buff, and an extra shirt (a long sleeves and two T-shirts). I wore two layers pants (a long sweat, and a short). It was a bit hot with being a little overdressed.  I put on a pair of gloves. By now sun had set and the road was quiet.

One of the thoughts during the long run was I must have to have stronger resolve to run. I have been much distracted last the last two months…due to women. Yes, women can be quite a distraction. The long run had the effect of calming my mind. Everything seems inconsequential. It is really choose to block off everything else and run.

 So this is week#7, with only two days in I already run 30 miles! It is the most I ever did in last 7 weeks! I hope to add 6-8 more miles by end of the week. Finally broke through 30 miles. Thank you again for those who prayed for me. It takes almighty power to get me out onto the pavement. Cheeky. Yes my friends prayed for me, because running is important to me.

Other news

Valentine race. Run your heart out. I was strolling really.

2) Actually I am 170 lbs now. Getting fat. I blamed all the truffles and hot coco. /joke

3) on other news, we were asked what was the gospel in our Sunday school class. I cried when no one was able to answer. Then my friend did. Don’t remember what she said, but she is so smart.

Thank you God for last week being over and another week to come.

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