Day 88 

Shoes. I might have written on this before. 

It felt so good yesterday when I ran on a kinda new pair of shoes. I forgot how how good they feel. I could pound the pavement as hard as I want  and my feet didn’t feel a thing. 

I have been training on old pairs of shoes and I normal wear an even older pair for commuting. I used to have many pairs of running shoes available, like close to 8-9 pairs or more. A first world problem I guess. Now it is basically down to 1 race pair, two pairs of training, and 1 trail running pair, plus one old pair race shoes, that became a training shoes, and now at/past the end of its life, my every day walking pair. Still a lot to some!

I could in theory run in any pair or even go barefoot, but that probably will lead to foot problem down the road.

Of course my racing pair are like gold to me that I sleep with them (sometimes). JK. They are my most valuable pair I got and I keep them near me all the time.

Several times though I forgot to bring my race pair to a race because they were locked up so well or I was rushing to a race and just didn’t have time to retrieve them, like last Sunday, and had to run with what I got on. In the last race, I thought I had to run in my old walking shoes where the cushion is all worn down. Luckily, by some miracle when I got to the course I discovered my race pair were in the back of my truck. To my joy, I put them on. I might have placed them in my truck several days before and forgot about them.

There is a big difference running on a slightly used shoes vs on an old pair. Even now my training pairs are showing their age. 

With that many races I am doing this year, I am going have to buy more shoes!  Running shoes should be on my list of 50 joyful things. I will probably make a post when I get more of them.

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