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  • Day399 Flex

    Not trying to make any statement…just something I saw on my run Why is the flag flown at half staff? anyone? Is it because of last week? “insurrection?” Short blog today… my sister said my blog is always too long. Learned a new web thing today. TL;DR I thought it was a typo people put […]

  • Day345 The run

    Just in case some of you wonder if I finish the 100 mile run, no, I stopped after 15 hours into it. I was stuck at mile 45 for an hour and the prospect to go any further was impossible. The blisters on my feet were getting worse. This was not from the poison ivy. […]

  • Day 88  Shoes. I might have written on this before.  It felt so good yesterday when I ran on a kinda new pair of shoes. I forgot how how good they feel. I could pound the pavement as hard as I want  and my feet didn’t feel a thing. 

  • Logistics

    Clothes and shoes. Day 67 I’m not running today because I need a time off to recover and to be ready for the coming weekend long run. I could run but my muscles are a bit tired. My total distance done during last 4 weeks is 33 miles out of 100 miles planned. I definitely […]