Good news

Day 204!

I got into all the races included Laurel Highlands. I just found out today that my check was cashed.

Why? Laurel Highlands Ultra is just old fashion in the way they run the race. They require runners to print out an online application form, fill it out by hand and mail it in with a check of the amount needed. This is a first for me. I signed up so many races in the past and they were all done online. This race takes runners back in time.

This race, since it is done the old fashion way, the only way (earliest at least) to know if you get in is to monitor your bank account to see if your check is cashed. Mine just got cashed. I am so happy.

Now the real work is about to begin. This race is no joke. It is 70 miles and has over 10,000 ft of climbing. A significant amount.

I have six months to get ready. That seems to be a lot of time but really, it is not that much. Since, I don’t think I did that well in the JFK (75 percentile), I need to train harder. My goal is to finish under 20 hours. Not sure if that is a reasonable, but it is my goal to not get a DNF (drop-out).

I will be doing a marathon doubler in April (52 miles), and another 50 miles at Grayson Highlands in May.

Doing two 50 milers before Laurel Highlands is a bit of an overkilled. I mentioned to readers that I got into Grayson Highlands recently after being placed on a waiting list.

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