Day 216

I finally got my car inspected. My car is absolutely safe to drive but this year inspection had more dramas than any preivous years. I think it took me about four tries and three days time (of over a span of two weeks) to get everything square. And the cause of it was some minor lightbulbs. I almost needed to spend hundreds of dollars to rewire the whole thing because of all the problems it was giving me.

Here is a picture.

I was wondering the whole time why a ‘simple’ car has so many types of light bulbs. Why can’t they all have one type of socket like household light. All you need then is to match the right wattage or power to get the light you want. But no, a car has dozen of lights and they are all different.

None of those bulbs I replaced were essential except the headlight. I replaced the fog lamps and the day time running lamp. LED bulbs really caused all the headache and I couldn’t put back the normal bulb because it was no longer wired for the normal bulbs.

That’s that. I replaced the battery for my car key too as well as have all the fluid and oil changed for the car. There are few more maintenance items to do but I can wait till end of the year.

As for running go, I had a few miles last night. Still very stiff and tight all over.

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