normal day

Day 217

I skipped my group run tonight. Not feeling well. Having a slight fever since yesterday. Coughing and having running nose. They say, if you are hurt from neck down, go run. If you are hurt neck up, don’t run. So no running for me. I could have gone out, but feeling a little woozy.

I replaced my other car key battery. I have two different keys for my truck. I have a Viper 7756V clicker and one from the auto company. The battery for the clicker was delivered today and I had some fun disassembling the key and put in the fresh battery. I haven’t done something like this for a long time. I love taking things apart as a kid.

That’s the old rechargeable battery and can’t hold charge any more.

2 responses to “normal day”

  1. I feel much better today.


  2. I thought it was the other way round – sick below the neck don’t run, above the neck you can! But either way I think if you feel sick you should get better before you do anything.

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