Run summary

Day 239

As usual of last few weeks, I will here post my recap of last week runs. I am not sure which week I am on now either 7 or 8. I usually lost count once passing 5.

Unlike the previous week with only 9 miles, this week I put up a big number. It wasn’t a surprise since I knew I would be doing a 50K long time ago.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: about 4 mi, with group

Wednesday: rest. again I failed to wake up early to run and at night I was too tired to go back out.

Thursday: 4 mi, with group. uneventful. One of night we were rained on, probably was Tuesday.

Friday: 0. Was very tempted to run, but in the end listened to reason since I would be doing a 50K the next day.

Saturday: 32 mi. according to garmin. People say the course was long. I haven’t checked the website. I know the marathon course was 28 miles. I felt the ultra course was about right. Hopefully a full report will be prepared if I get to it.

Sunday: 10 mile race in Reston. Plus a just shy of a 16 mile long run.

Total: 66 miles.

On one hand I am proud of the number, but the 50K came with a cost. I kind of overextended myself and came away with two bad foot! I rolled my left ankle. My right foot is more serious. I couldn’t walk without pain. I haven’t exactly found out the reason. I think it is more than skin abrasion on the back of my right heel. I somehow bruished it.

I am a bit concern now if I can run when I get to PA for Laurel Highlands training #2.

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