Day267 run summary

Week14 Nothing spectacular this week. I ran less frequently than I should. I couldn’t remember what held me back. Maybe, because my running usually occurred during dinner time and this week I lost it to my appetite. I have gained couple pounds. I really need to push my running to the morning. Monday-Friday: none Saturday:… Continue reading Day267 run summary

day264 week summary

It’s Week 13 or something. About 7 more weeks left before my race if there is one. Total is around 25-30 miles something. It is much much less than I want, but what do I do? I am sorely distracted by the coronavirus as you can tell from my previous posts. Monday – 4. I… Continue reading day264 week summary

day261 week summary

Total: 34 Monday – Friday o mile. Can’t remember much. There were couple days I dressed up to do a run but then wimped out at the last moment after sticking my hand out the door and pulling it back because the weather was too ‘cold’ or it was raining. There was even one night… Continue reading day261 week summary

day255 week summary

Day 255 – week 10 Total: 44 Monday/Tuesday: 0 wednesday: did I run? Yes, probably 5 miles Thursday: 0 Friday: 13 Saturday 26 Sunday: I was a bum. Slept the whole day and watched Youtube video. I felt asleep during our virtual sunday class until the teacher called on me. The week passed so quickly.… Continue reading day255 week summary

Run summary

Day 239 As usual of last few weeks, I will here post my recap of last week runs. I am not sure which week I am on now either 7 or 8. I usually lost count once passing 5. Unlike the previous week with only 9 miles, this week I put up a big number.… Continue reading Run summary

weekly run summary

Day 225 I ran 56 miles last week Monday: usually rest day, I rested Tuesday: 4-ish miles with the group. I showed up in three layer shirt and did not realize it was 60 (15 C). Hot night. Wednesday: rest night Thursday: group run canceled because of rain and no one showed up. I ran… Continue reading weekly run summary

week 8

Day 176 My best friend is back from her trip and we had a little of catching up of what happened for the last two weeks. I couldn’t remember at all what happened except I said I have been running a lot. At least that what I thought until I reviewed my blog and noted… Continue reading week 8

Review 19.2

Day 60 / Second Review – “December Update” The last 30 days came and  disappeared like a flash. I blogged another 30 days! The highlight was the 31 miles (50K) race completed. You can read all about it in the race report. Before the race I didn’t think I was prepared enough. I, at the time,… Continue reading Review 19.2