Day277 one of those days

Random Friday – I am ashamed to put up any number today, because I walked 75% of the time than run. 4 miles done. GVRAT total ~ 86-87.

My body is fine with minor fatigue here and there on my foot. My spirit though is not like yesterday. I rather skipped prayer meeting for a run but the run didn’t lift my spirit. One of those trade-offs.

Forgot what I was going to say. This will be one of those aimless blogs. I had great thoughts during the run and was going to write about those too, but now can’t recall them. Had it all plan out.

A fellow blogger was blogging about childhood favorite things. This brings to mind of songs I remember when I was a kid as I was running. I like to hum during my run. Today I hummed How Great Thou Art. I don’t know the lyric to it but in my childhood, that was something I remember.

I wish for a normal life, but nothing is normal. The stay-at-home is supposed to be normal. It likes this is what life is supposed to be. You get to spend more time at home and to do the things you always don’t have the time to do, like cleaning and endleas chores. Then I said it is not normal to stay at home. I never have enough time. Why life is always so hectic?

Then in the middle of my run, I got to plan out this race across the America for real. You can’t just wake up and run out the door for it. Same for the real run down at Chattanooga. I can’t just go and do it.

I figure for the next 10 years, I will need to take a break 3-4 times during the summer to reach some of life goals. Cross the America will take 4-6 months. Hiking the Appalachian too will take about that much time. I might want to throw in the PCT and CDT. And the question is if I have $50000 what would I spend it on? A running vacation or downpayment on a house? I am struggling whether to do the sensible thing or to do what my passion dictate.

This reminds me I still looking for a mission statement for this year or the next so that my life has some kind of anchor. I know I have one – Run.

Oh I finally remember what I was going to write. Nothing earth shattering. Many people who embark on this epic journey pf 1000k GVRAT wanted to watch some documentaries on running, or podcasts. Fpr me I don’t feel like reading or watching on any those right now. What I feel like reading is the Canterbury Tales, and the Pilgrim’s Progress.

Hope y’all have an awesome Friday and weekend!

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  1. I like reading your blog too!! I like reading your perspectives and seeing how you plan your runs, really love this virtual run thing – I am so curious about the whole thing – so that’s kinda exciting lol

    I’m glad I make you laugh 🥰👏

    Yeah he turned into a really amazing man – that feels weird to say because he will always be my little boy – even at 50 lol ✌️… but he really is amazing ❤️

    Oh I am not good at music either – just good with knowing songs lol …

    Hahaha that’s funny I don’t like competitive games either lol – he was trying to get me to play poker and there are other people – no thank you lol – solitaire maybe ? Lol

    Mario cart is fun to play with them though – I just get mad when I am winning and someone throws a shell at me and I lose 🤨😄

    My oldest always wins games so we try to find games where some of us others could possibly take down the game master lol … I taught him too well lol ✌️😄

    We have fun though ❤️

    Well I hope you get to have your dream sometimes?

    Thank you very much 🥰 we had a wonderful night!! I’ll post shortly

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  2. I like reading your blog :), and I recalled them during the run, stuffs you write made me laughed. I couldn’t pause and read them during my run. I do miss childhood too.

    Happy birthday to your son and he is a fine young man. I love music but not good at it. I’d love to be a game tester too, but I don’t like playing competitive games :), because I usually lose. My dream life would be spending all the time playing games and making music.

    Happy Mother’s day. Enjoy your game night.

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  3. What do you feel your life is missing now that you have had some time to mull over things with a different perspective?

    I love remembering the things I love from back in the day ❤️ great comfort from some of those things ❤️ good times!!

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