day284 weekly run summary

Monday-Sunday. 0 6 6 6 6 12 31

Total for the week: 67

GVRAT: 229

I am so near to 270 miles. Hopefully by the end of this week, I should get pass it because it means there are only 1000 miles left on the challenge. By Saturday there are 100 days left on the challenge.

Runing about 10 mi/ day will get me there. The current projectory is about Sept 3, 2020, when I will finish.

I’m debating with myself if I should run today. I felt sleepy mostly but my body seems fine now.

I ran a 50k. I was still fresh and wanting to go for a 60K but dinner got in the way. It was still early too, only 8 pm at the time. I felt I could squeeze the last 10k with 2 hrs left in the day. I didn’t. Instead I did food shopping and cleaned up and ate. A reason I don’t usually have the long run day on a Sunday, I feel I won’t get enough rest afterward.

watch stat. 70 miles of weekly total. I rounded down on my set

2 responses to “day284 weekly run summary”

  1. Did you decide to run???

    I hope so!!! Cause then you come back and share – you come alive – and doesn’t that wake you up and get you moving anyway? You feel good after right? And it’s your passion! You speak very passionately about it!

    So did you run?


  2. Not yet. I probably will skip today run since it is my rest day. Trust in the plan and not over doing it. I have been taking Monday off and it helps me to remain healthy.

    Yesterday run was one of the best. I was just too tired to write about it when I got back in. I could have stayed out for two to three more hours and didn’t want to come in except that I was hungry. I was so ‘hyper’ still by bed time I didn’t really sleep until 2 am. My mind was very much awake the whole night.


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