day284 weekly run summary

Monday-Sunday. 0 6 6 6 6 12 31

Total for the week: 67

GVRAT: 229

I am so near to 270 miles. Hopefully by the end of this week, I should get pass it because it means there are only 1000 miles left on the challenge. By Saturday there are 100 days left on the challenge.

Runing about 10 mi/ day will get me there. The current projectory is about Sept 3, 2020, when I will finish.

I’m debating with myself if I should run today. I felt sleepy mostly but my body seems fine now.

I ran a 50k. I was still fresh and wanting to go for a 60K but dinner got in the way. It was still early too, only 8 pm at the time. I felt I could squeeze the last 10k with 2 hrs left in the day. I didn’t. Instead I did food shopping and cleaned up and ate. A reason I don’t usually have the long run day on a Sunday, I feel I won’t get enough rest afterward.

watch stat. 70 miles of weekly total. I rounded down on my set

2 responses to “day284 weekly run summary”

  1. Not yet. I probably will skip today run since it is my rest day. Trust in the plan and not over doing it. I have been taking Monday off and it helps me to remain healthy.

    Yesterday run was one of the best. I was just too tired to write about it when I got back in. I could have stayed out for two to three more hours and didn’t want to come in except that I was hungry. I was so ‘hyper’ still by bed time I didn’t really sleep until 2 am. My mind was very much awake the whole night.


  2. Did you decide to run???

    I hope so!!! Cause then you come back and share – you come alive – and doesn’t that wake you up and get you moving anyway? You feel good after right? And it’s your passion! You speak very passionately about it!

    So did you run?


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