day283 run

I was trying to run a bit farther yesterday, but my body gave out after 6 miles. I have been conditioning to do 6 miles every day and yesterday it bonkered on me after 6 miles. I dragged it out to 12. It was hot even at 6 pm! Last weekend I was freezing and… Continue reading day283 run

Day276 the other side

total 7. GVRAT total 83 I thought it would be a quick one. I had on road shoes today instead of trail. For six days I wore trail shoes (my usual get to), but I have been running on road (sidewalks). So today, I said why not switch it up, let wear the road shoes… Continue reading Day276 the other side

day275 normal run

Day 6 into GVRAT. Put in 10k this morning. GVRAT is about 76 ish. I lost track. There is a site to log all this. I am aiming for 1250 miles, so it is still couple weeks away to reach 10%. I passed the 5% mark! I tried not to look at the ranking or… Continue reading day275 normal run

day274 run and rocket

run 6 mi; GVRAT: lost count ~70 I think Today run was in no way easy. I remembered the encouragement from the race director who wrote something about getting the first step in and it gets easier once you started. I didn’t want to leave my bed this morning. I am no longer a morning… Continue reading day274 run and rocket

day272 recovery run

Run#3 distance 10 mi, GVRAT 58 mi. I got lazy of measuring the distances on Google Map. I don’t know how to do it from the phone. There is some problem with the live tracking website, so I am running blind now until they fix it. Today run was kind of hard as expected. I… Continue reading day272 recovery run

day271 long run

#GVRAT run 2. today total 42. Overall total 48. I am a bit tired so might not be thinking straight but there are 100 ish more entries so if I don’t put it up, it will passed by and be forgotten. The longest I ever ran was back in November for the JFK 50 miler.… Continue reading day271 long run