Day314 Departure

Nothing much was done in regard to my to-do list. I packed last night. Basically just dumped everything in the suitcase.

FedEx was closed and today morning I had to work. I tried to go during lunch but after stopping by my mom’s place for lunch, I ran out of time. There was a company team meeting immediately after lunch and I couldn’t be late. I made one last ditch effort to go to FedEx to have my turn direction laminated, but the line was long and I was cutting close to missing my flight, so I left FedEx without getting the turn sheet laminated.

The flight was uneventful. Our flight was not full. They seated everyone at every other seat. I originally booked on a seat with someone next to me, but they called me at the gate and reshuffled me to a seat by myself, which was good.

99% of the shops in the airport was closed. There was no food to buy at all. Suck for those who have lay over. There are some people at the airport. Getting through TSA was a breeze. Hardly anyone. There were maybe three or four people in front of me. Everyone was wearing a mask.

Funny story. As I got to the TSA officer, she had me pull down my mask and I was confused. Then it dawned on me, she needed to see my face to verify my identity. I had expected them to just know by looking even with a mask on.

At Atlanta Airport though, some people were not wearing a mask. There was also a guy on our flight, he was sitting two rows behind me refused to wear his. The flight attendent spoke to him couple times and they even brought him a mask after he said he did not have one. Later the guy claimed medical reason for not putting a mask on. To me it was baloney. Any way, they left him alone. I thought they were going to kick him off the plane.

This was hapened much later, I got to Atlanta and had my mask on as I was looking for a place to eat. Many restaurants close at 9. So Iwad not able to get dinner. There was a McDonalds and Wendy’s but I don’t want fastfood. But one thing I observe the locals and realized no one was wearing a mask! This was inside a store. Absolutely no one. They were standing around chatting. Surprised surprised. The culture is really different from the Northern Virginia and DC area. So I pulled off mine too. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Haha, talk about being safe. I thought I was the only one had this observation, I got online and found other people (a user who stayed at the hotel I was staying last month) made the same observation that no one is wearing mask here during their peak outbreak!

Everyone was concerned that I am increasing my risk of getting the COVID19. Can’t help when you are in an enclosed space with about 50-70 other people. Plus the trip back. Atlanta/Georgia now has seen an uptick of infection. This will be a wild weekend. I believe Atlanta is in something like phase 3 of the reopening.

I am kind of scare myself.

In regarding to the the remaining tasks: – buy batteries for my flash light and gps unit. find a fedEx place to laminate the turn sheet. Get well rested for tomorrow. Review the map again. Find good food place. Enjoy the ride.

Oh the start time will be 6 pm tomorrow (July 3). Pretty certain now. There is no way to get myself to the start line at 2 or 3 am, which means by very little or no sleep. The safer choice is get as much sleep tomorrow and fuel up.

On reflection, those who have been following my blogs, this was like a planned chaos. I was frantically getting my things together and it was a wild ride. Those around me (family, and coworkers and maybe you online readers) are frantic too because they want me to succeed. Some people are really good at getting their life together, and it is like a rocket launch in executing a perfect launch sequence – with no error, and everything is completed on the dot. Not me, it was and bouncy up and down at near missed. I do plan, but only rely on it 30-40%. At least I am in Atlanta now. That is the most important thing, forward movement. Hopefully the run will also be a success and I will be back home in a couple days.

Edit to add – Real time: Race has started 4 hours ago, going mich slower than anticipated. 15 miles in. Usually I should be at 20 miles now

One response to “Day314 Departure”

  1. Yeah some areas are like that with not masking … I see that here too and our cases are going up also.

    I also have seen people be adamant about not wearing a mask 😷🤨 whatever

    I wear mine and keep it on even if I am the only one… whatever – “peace of mind” sorta (but not totally)

    You are hard on yourself… you seem to have it together with your goals… you think ahead and you plan… best laid plans always have a few bumps… but I think you will do good!


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