Day313 – last minute

Nothing much was done today. All that I planned didn’t come into fruition. I’m racing against the clock on many fronts.

FedEx print center, last night I checked they were open late but tonight I went there they were closed. They have the new limited hours from 10-6. So I will have to go there tomorrow to have my turnsheet laminated.

I gave up laminating the map. I looked at it. It was too big. The streets were too tiny. I might as well memorize the path and rely on my phone from time to time and trust my turn sheet.

I tested my GPS. It is a piece of crap. Like previous experience, it didn’t do jack. I should have brought a more expensive model.

I did some shopping today. I think I know what I will eat. I will go light on the calories this time. Just barely enough to get me through. In the past I ate too much and it slowed me down. I need to find the sweet spot.

I was able to read one of the runners most recent race report. He finished it last week. The report was very helpful. He failed to meet the cut off at the Stone mountain before they locked the gate. He got in but couldn’t make it out before the gate closed.

I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. I am not that good in scaling fences in the middle of the night especially when I am half dead after doing 62 miles.

So at least I should push my start an hour earlier so looking at 3 AM start at the latest.

I have been rethinking the start time a bit. I might going to do a night run by pushing the start time even earlier starting at 6-7 PM, so I could make it to Stone Mountain in the morning, 8-9 AM instead of in the evening, the gate should be open by then. This will get to finish around 12-1 midnight the next day.

Doing a night start completely mess up all the gas station stops because likely they will be closed most of the time I am in the city because it will be in the middle of the night. I will be in downtown Atlanta around 2-3 AM when all the eateries are closed. By the time they are open I will be doing the last 40 miles on the Stone Mnt trail. There does not seem to have a lot of places to get food on the trail until I get back into the city and by then it will be 8-9 pm the following day.

The report scared me. I am afraid of pain. I never push myself beyond my pain point. The guy wrote that at mile 80, he felt the pain and blisters and everything including tireness from lack of sleep. I don’t know if I can handle that. I ran 60 miles before. At that time I knew I still had enough in me to push on. However, mile 80 is something I never experience before…and I don’t know if I will be willing to push on. I know it will come…I read many reports about it. No one is an energizer bunny. I am afraid I might break.

conclusion/decision. Start time has me worry. Most likely it will be an early start at 2-3AM. Alternatively I sleep in on Friday, and run at night at 5PM. This is very high risk because who know if I can sleep during the day. If I can’t fall asleep during the day, I will be screwed. To force myself to sleep in the day, then I shouldn’t sleep on Thursday night. This will also hamper my ability. In the end, I am still running out of time. I wish I knew it earlier and readjust my sleep time several days ahead. This is part of ultra learning curve.

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  1. 😮😮 it didn’t record!! For 2 hours?? That stinks!

    Are you home now ? Back in VA?


  2. yup! though after 24 hours of running, the last two hours I was really standing in a place 🙂 I carried a portable charger — hehe to charge my watch. If it was not recorded, it doesn’t count 🙂

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  3. Oh that is true – but they have those charging batteries 🔋 you could get? I love those things ❤️ saved me many times!! Lol

    I have the mental image of standing there waiting for it to position lol 😄 that’s funny – yeah I suppose not good when trying to run and finish lol

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  4. Thanks. I was trying to conserve phone battery…in order to call Uber once i’m done running. Phone gps typically draws a lot of power. Handheld gps lasts longer, but the one I have couldn’t do jack…probably I just don’t know how to use it. It was way too slow, like 20-30 years technology, and too get a position fixed — it is good for hiking (in an emergency use) but bad for running, because I couldn’t stand still too long waiting for the position to update.

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  5. How come you don’t try a free GPS on your phone? I use MapQuest ❤️ … I hate google maps… I will only use MapQuest… is decent as long as I have service lol ✌️

    Hopefully you be strong… you seem pretty strong to me… and you been kinda training all this time. Think positive… mind over matter ✌️

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