Day319 Back to normal

Things are back to normal for me. I am scratching my head what to write.

I have not started back on my regular run. I should be able to run. I feel healthy. 100M /100K, did not sap me of my strength. At least, I don’t think it was that damaging to my body. I am much relieved.

The reason I have not been outside is just out of concern of my fellow neighbors. Virginia as I know, unlike New York, does not have mandatory travel quarantine. But out of abundant caution, I am stayimg indoor and away of other people for at least two weeks since I came from a state that was considered one of restricted states (by New York). Don’t be selfish.

I had a race this coming weekend. Cat50K. However, I already wrote to the RD saying I won’t able to make it, doing a self quarantine. It would have been the first race since the this Covid19. I will miss it a lot.

We don’t have many races to the end of the year. Many races will continue to be canceled.

I am thinking of signing up a virtual race in July once my quarentine period is over. It will be in Pennsylvania. Mountain running.

In the Fall, I signed up the Marine Corps Marathon but it is very iffy if that it will take place.

I am looking at JFK 50. I have not signed up.

There is also the OGU, and Farmville 50K.

As for normal marathon, I am thinking either Gettysburg, and Portland, ME Marathon.

I have Richmond Marathon. But any big marathon is iffy.

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