Day439 Interlude

My head is swimming with races. I hope I have not bored my readers with so many race reports. Yes, this is not normal, but racing is back in full swing. Many of the races that were planned for 2020 finally are taking shape this year or I already did them. As I mentioned a… Continue reading Day439 Interlude

Day397 Top 10

I am a bit vain this year to do a top 10 of 2020 of my runs. 2020 compares to 2019, let’s see. 2019 had tons of going on. I ran my first 50 miler plus going to Chile afterward for Patagonia and did many other stuffs. Thought can’t top that, can I? But 2020… Continue reading Day397 Top 10

Day327 MCM canceled

It is official. There won’t be a Marine Corps Marathon this year. Not disappointed at all since this has been the pattern of last four months. Kind of expecting it because MCM is a big event and there is no way to host any race over 500 people people in this period much less the… Continue reading Day327 MCM canceled

Two for one

Day 123 / York & St Michaels I did a half marathon and a full marathon in one weekend. It was amazing. Looking back it doesn’t seem that hard because I have done hikes at that length over a weekend, but I was fearful when I signed up. Granted hiking and running is not the… Continue reading Two for one

When nothing to do

Day 117 When I have nothing to do, I read up on races and what races to run. I came across a funny race called Flying Monkey Marathon. I won’t able to do it this year but this race attracted my attention. I have been too overly concerned about a race course being certified, but… Continue reading When nothing to do