Day336 cleaning up

I am bad at this. I generated lot of garbage. Things just accumulate and after a while and hell what is all this crap I say to myself. So I started to clean up a bit unsucessfully.

I found a picture back in 2012. The picture was one of my trainee gave to me after she quit the job and join the cheerleading at a the local NFL team. She was their ambassador. So she gave me her autograph. In my mind 2012 at least in context of the picture maybe was just a year or two away, but counting the date, that was 8 years ago! Why do I still have it? And not put away or trashed.

I have many such accumulations all over the place. Should I toss it away? Should I keep it. Should I let it be? So I put it back on the desk on top of a pile of stuff. I do have any more meaningful stuffs lying around. I tossed away a bunch of ‘cheap’ art work my former girlfriend gave to me. Any way, that was my weekend.

I actually started the clean up project a month ago. It was supposed a day job.

2 responses to “Day336 cleaning up”

  1. Sounds good! Perfect night for a night hike. Going try to sneak into a national or state park tonight.


  2. Go somewhere tonight. Look at the stars. Perseids Meteor shower. It’ll give you perspective.

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