Day339 fifth day

I think I am getting a hang of it now after five days of running. Might be sixth? Who is counting? I started some time last week. I know I want that finish of 500 miles by end of August. I know how many miles to run each day and I am very much behind. So I started running.

In the beginning, I was only able to put out about 5 miles and then upped a bit to 8 and then 11. Friday I didn’t run. Saturday and Sunday I added a bit more 13, then 14 and today 15.

I do wish to push out 20-30 miles a day in order to reach that 500 miles. Right now I have 450 miles left. Which mean 250 miles this week and 250 next week.

Today while running, I had a plan. Run 150 miles during week and 100 miles during the weekend. Each day I try to do 15 miles during the evening run. 5 miles during the morning run. See I can do it. 20×5 = 100.

I’m still short 75 miles. I will see how I fit that in. I might have to take Monday, August 31 off to fit that in. It will be very hard.

My body has hurt less than before. I run a bit better now. I could do 6 miles without stopping and I got my half marathon time (13.1 miles) down from 3 hours to 2:50. There is still much to go. Hopefully I can get back to running 13 or even 20 miles without stopping.

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  1. I consume a lot of sugar. I’m not sure if my math is right, but I calculated about 28 tsp or 9 tbsp of sugar (4.2 g per tsp). That is a lot. Just give me lot of lolipops instead.


  2. Yes, pretty energized after a good workout. I got into a bad habit of drinking sodas and energy drinks during and after my runs. The caffeine and sugar would keep me going all night. 12 oz can of Coke (39 g of sugar) or Mountain Dew (46 g) are loaded with them. A 20 oz bottle (small bottle) of Gatorade has 34 g of sugar. I usually drink way more than 12 oz. More like around 40-60 oz.


  3. Oh I wish I could crawl back in ❤️ that sounds heavenly!! Only the corona lockdown let me do that

    Well 5 hours isn’t bad… you can still function with 5 hours once you get going lol

    I “usually” average maybe about 5 or 6 hours? Then when I do actually have a day off – my internal alarm goes off lol

    I think I would just hit that bed and be out after a run?? But I don’t know cause I have never tried – in this heat totally would zonk me.

    It must energize you?


  4. Poor you. I could sleep in though. I got up to take out the trash (trash day) and then crawled back in. You are probably right. I didn’t get enough sleep (5 hrs). Hard to fall asleep at night after a good run. The extra 2 hours did the trick.

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  5. Are you getting enough sleep?

    I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning lol – I kept hitting snooze … 5 more minutes – I’ll push it lol … I need to sleep better

    I hope you have a good day though!! 😘✌️


  6. It felt so good last night after finishing but this morning is a different story. I just want to lay in bed some more. It is not hurting as bad as when I started running but the ache and tireness is still there. Hope to powering through though.

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  7. Ahhh maybe that’s why you hurt cause you had slowed down ??…

    I like to keep up with my abs / but sometimes I just get busy… then I have to start all over again and then I have the muscle pain again too! If you power through it – you don’t have the pain anymore

    Glad you are not in pain!


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