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  • Day476 i got this / anticipation

    TL;DR – MMT race plan and bigger goals Season 12 has been rough. I thought I would have the perfect season. After 6 years of running, and two whole years of ultra training, that originally it seems I would have the least distractions and I would be well prepared for my 100 mile race at […]

  • Day376 small run

    I had one of the best runs last night. It was just 10k. Just nice distance. I ran too many long miles and those were slugfest. I like short and fast runs. It felt fast to me though the time showed otherwise. I felt I ran the fastest ever. Zoom Zoom. Due to corona virus, […]

  • Day344 A second attempt – about to start

    I am a few hours away from starting the run. As of right now I just woke up and still am very comfortable on my bed in the hotel near the airport. By the way, after having been of other city airport hotels, this is one of the best! It is comfortable and inexpensive and […]

  • Day343 Atlanta here I come

    Ready or not here I come! I am not ready, but I am going. About 7 weeks ago (July 1/2), I was in Atlanta to run the Great Southern Endurance Run (GSER). I was only able to do it halfway and vowed I will be back to finish it. Here goes, this weekend I will […]

  • Day339 fifth day

    I think I am getting a hang of it now after five days of running. Might be sixth? Who is counting? I started some time last week. I know I want that finish of 500 miles by end of August. I know how many miles to run each day and I am very much behind. […]

  • Day296 holding pattern

    I’m still in a holding pattern, being lazy to do anything on everything. Next Next Friday is supposed to be my June race in Pennsylvania, which was already canceled, but I plan to go and run the trail any way. It is supposed to be very hard. Yet, I have done zero planning. Where will […]

  • Day295 fillers

    There will be probably a bunch of fillers from here on out to Day 300 because I just need to fill up the gap and there is not much going on. I guess those in the US all focusing on the civil unrest taking place. I have not much to comment on it other than […]

  • Day291 Long run to high school

    [long post] Back about a month ago, I went on ‘a walk‘, which was really a long run but I was very under-motivated at a time and was too ashamed to call it a run. All my races were being canceled at the time and my training for my biggest race of the year (June […]

  • day262 midweek look

    I hope to do a post over the weekend, so this is more like a mid week posting for me, but to you readers, it is weekend already. Time flies. While in college, my roommate used to tease me whenever I said time flies. He would ask me to show him how does it fly […]

  • day258 – week summary

    Is it week 10 or 11 of my training? I lost track. Usually by the 10th week, everything fall apart. This time is no different. I wrote this entry last week but lost it as I was about to publish and now finally found it again. How do you lose an entry? Ask WP. At […]