Last day

Day 108
It is the last day on my training plan but no running for me today because …it is the day before my marathon. I totalled up my mileage this winter/spring training. I ran more miles than in previous trainings, just by a little, rounding up 350 miles (spread sheet says 346). Personally, I didn’t feel I have run that much over last 16 weeks. I had too much time off. I was aiming for 500 miles at the beginning. O well, maybe next time which is from summer to fall, I will put up 500 miles.

Week 0: 5

Week 1: 10

Week 2: 17

Week 3: 18

Week 4: 25

Week 5: 24

Week 6: 22

Week 7: 25

Week 8: 45

Week 9: 42

Week 10: 43

Week 11: 13

Week 12: 11

Week 13: 10

Week 14: 15

Week 15: 18 + 26.2 (if I finish the race!)

Will see how it goes

Day 97

No big plan this weekend compared to the last one. I did a short run last night, about 3 or 4 miles. I was going to do 10 but my mom called for dinner, so I put my plan away. My heart was not in the run. By the end of the dinner, I didn’t want to go back out.

My body was a little better than on Tuesday. My shins still have a bit of ache. Not sure how long it will take to recover. All other parts of my body are in good condition.

I have a race tomorrow. Afterward if I am still fresh, I plan to hike/run on a trail. It would take the whole Saturday. Tapering will begin next week or a week after.

Sunday will be quiet. Maybe attend the early service and then run the rest of the day.


Day 96

I spent last few days on recovery. Basically no running. Nothing much to say. Today is the fourth day but still I feel tired. I have not recovered 100%. I feel it is a little over 50% and maybe at 60%. I am glad to be healthy though. I should be ready for the next race. I haven’t taken this many days off from running since maybe 5-6 weeks ago.

I had a quick short run last night. It was my first run after the half marathon. My muscles were screaming after a mile in. I kept on for couple more miles. I might need tonight off. That was a good feeling. I haven’t had that kind of stress on my legs for a long time. Surprisingly running the Half wasn’t painful as my recovery run was. I know pain is bad but I think I know what I am doing. It wasn’t the kind of pain that need a doctor. It was just the muscles were tight. I didn’t stretch before running.

This week is supposed to be another 40 miles week. I will see how my body reacts. I will be lucky to get in 20 miles.

Then there will be 3 weeks of tapering. I felt I haven’t work out that hard, so really not sure how much to taper off. I probably will limit myself to 30 miles total. Or I will push my max training for another week and limit my tapering to only two weeks. My marathon is a little less than a month away. I know the next three weeks will come by fast.

Much Colder

Day 89

Runner high
Sunday Reston 10 Miler, 3/3/19

A pic for fan service. I was cruising. I think it was at mile 5 or so into the race.

Tonight I was undecided whether to run or not and in the end I did run. It was much cold than other runs I had before. Garmin and rest of the forecasters were wrong. It was not 37. It was more like 28 (-4C).  I brought 4 layers of clothing with me. I ran because I will take Friday off and so I can’t afford to have Monday and Wednesday off as well, so run it was.

I put in around 8 miles. I walked probably more than running. It was just a day after the race and I was still sore.

Garmin statistics and google map.

While running, I was debating within me whether to sign up for a 10K next Sunday, just a day after the DC Rock n Roll. Normally, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, this coming Sunday, I will have a hike and a possible dinner, meaning I will miss worship. I haven’t signed up for the 10k yet.