Day352 tired

I am a bit under the weather, with dizziness and just lack of strength.

I thought I had lyme disease again, but I went hiking and was fine.

Last August, I had the similar thing and there was a hike called the Devil’s little stairs, and I couldn’t get up to it before fainting.

This past Labor Day weekend, I attempted the Little Devil Stairs again, I got up on it fine without breaking a sweat. I was up on top before I even knew it and without a break. My team and I went on to hike five or six more miles in the surrounding trails before heading back to our car.

But probably something is wrong with my body. It has been difficult running. I can only run about half a mile before getting tired. There is no more that natural pace where you could lock in and run forever. I used to be able to do that.

Now a day, I walk on most of the runs I did. It takes a long time. A two hour half marathon becomes a three hour event. A marathon becomes 7-8 hour thing.

Not sure what is going on. Have been wondering if I need a break.

I took a break over the summer too. 6 weeks without running. It got worse instead of better.

I checked my number though. The three previous years I only ran between 600-700 miles per year. This summer, I ran 1000 miles. I am attempting another 1000-1200 miles before the year ends. Numberwise, this is a lot of mileage.

One response to “Day352 tired”

  1. I hope you feel better soon 🙏 you should take rest every so often – but I’m one to talk lol 🙄✌️ I have a hard time with that too


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