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  • Day475 don’t jink it

    You know when your body crashes, it usually means something is wrong. I had something like that in February after my Covid booster shot. You probably know where I am headed with this. In my last post, I mentioned how I slept through the weekend. Now thinking back, that was unusual of me. Also, my […]

  • Day473 Impromptu race

    TL:DR; Ended up running in a nameless race overnight last weekend. The race was called 24-hr Adventure Trail Run by Athletic-Equation, but that is a generic name. My plan for the weekend was to go to the MMT race course to have one more practice after finishing the Easter Chocolate Bunny night run. But by […]

  • Day408 update

    Not much to update. My daily run is a bit better. My legs no longer feel heavy. However, I am still running very slowly. It is breathing problem now. You know, when you think you are out of breath, and have to stop running. It has been hard to run fast and far again. My […]

  • Day405

    I’m still savoring the run at the Rocky Raccoon. I was disoriented during the race and immediately afterward of putting together much coherent thoughts. Time flies. My sleep pattern is out of wack too. I did not get much sleep beforehand. There was no sleep during the race. And I slept a lot afterward when […]

  • Day352 tired

    I am a bit under the weather, with dizziness and just lack of strength. I thought I had lyme disease again, but I went hiking and was fine. Last August, I had the similar thing and there was a hike called the Devil’s little stairs, and I couldn’t get up to it before fainting. This […]

  • Day344 A second attempt – about to start

    I am a few hours away from starting the run. As of right now I just woke up and still am very comfortable on my bed in the hotel near the airport. By the way, after having been of other city airport hotels, this is one of the best! It is comfortable and inexpensive and […]

  • Day305 recharged

    I felt a bit better after a day of rest. I didn’t want to take a break but I couldn’t squeeze any more out of my body. It just stopped performing. Last weekend was the lowest miles I have done since April. Every weekend I want to go out to put up 50-60 miles. The […]

  • Day301 RnR

    I need some Rest and Recreation time. Couple nights (Monday) ago my body just refused to run. I had planned to run about 18-20 miles that evening. I was halfway through at mile 9 and I could feel it, my system shutted down. Usually I could run forever once I started running. You just lock […]

  • Day299 Last day

    Yay! Tomorrow we will begin a new chapter and we kick this crazy corona2020 in the bucket. Kidding. I think we will live with the new normal for a long time. Not anything spectacular to write about today except it is the last day for filler. I do have something but they are controversial and […]