Day361 busy

As you might have guessed, I have been busy the last few days with the boring stuff of life called work.

Now things are picking up, I better write before being steam-rolled by all other things.

First, I am debating whether to run the JFK50 this year. I did it last year and at the time it was the hardest race I did. I trained a year for it. Now looking back, ehh, it was not that hard. The race was mostly flat! and boring miles after miles on the C&O Towpath.

What make me want to do it? It is a race with tons of miles. I think I like that a lot.

While thinking about it, a local race organizer posted that they were approved for the Stone Mill 50 miler. This actually have been a race I wanted to do a long time before I even heard of the JFK… well I kind of lie there. But I know both JFK and Stone mill at about the same time.

JFK and Stone Mill is not even in the same category. They are both 50 miler but JFK is like 10 to 100 times more famous, but the Stone Mill is much smaller scale, which means less expensive. JFK current price is 300 squids. Stone Mill I am hoping for a third of that.

Where I got off? Ya, so I would like to do the Stone Mill Race.

I haven’t signed up either of them. Still waiting.

Now, weekend! I plan to do some trail run this weeking. I have a big plan.

I am getting in touch with another runner who is planning to run through Shenandoah. I volunteed to be his pacer. I hope to catch him around 50-60 miles, and we will do the rest together. It is still a planning stage, but I am so excited about it.

I still have a few things to say, but I am getting sleepy. They will be left for future posts.

4 responses to “Day361 busy”

  1. yes, for me it is sucidal to do both. I won’t be recovering in time. There are those (who run across the continent) who do 50 every day w. no problem…, I’m not at that level yet. haha. Maybe one day. Running across the country is my dream!


  2. Is impossible to do both? Or will that be hard

    You are like a running machine!! Check you out!!

    Seems like you got your groove back?


  3. I want to do it again too, but I just put my name in Stone Mill 50, which is a week before the JFK. Stone Mill will be fun. I did a mini version (31 miles) back in spring. Now ready for the full course.


  4. Do the JFK!!! I want to see how compares to the last time you do it … you say is easy – let me see – I wanna see you do that one!!

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