This won’t be a full blog, just some thoughts.

I was looking into microblogging but not the popular ones.

I joined discord last year, when I wanted to listen a live stream of a translator of a web novel I was following. It is a cool piece of software.

I thought it was an open souce. I am a big friend of linux and stuff where anybody can come and code. Sadly it is not. It is the next big thing though. If the company goes public, I might invest in it. Keep an eye on this.

Anyway, discord is an amazing concept. It is a bridge between a traditional social media and the “new” easier, voice chat.

I was looking something like that but is open source. I didn’t find anything close.

I used to use identica before it changed to pump. It is still available but that seems to be dying.

I was not a big friend of diaspora. I installed that before but couldn’t keep that running. Also that project seems to be at a deadend.

Friendica looks ugly and I never really fall in love with it.

I just found mastodon. This seems to be viable.

I am not too into irc, so discord is not my thing. Microblogging, I am warming up to the idea. Mastodon seems to be my thing… I just need a server to run it.

Somewhat relating. I used to use ikiwiki to blog. Oh how time has changed.

why this post? A filler 🙂 I need to get to Day400

update: I gave into the big corps. I started twitter at the end of year

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  1. a lot of president’s minions were looking for alternatives to facebook/twitter over the weekend…but they were quickly shown the door on whichever platform they hopped on

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  2. I never heard of any of those!!

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  3. 19 has had discord for years… only recently has 14 gotten into it…

    I am thinking I am too old for that – that’s not really my thing lol

    It would drive me nuts having my phone buzz constantly!

    I don’t think I can do social media at this moment – I like the peace without it ❤️

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  4. I read your previous post on discord too, but didn’t comment because others have done it already. All the young people are it. It is fast and the newest thing, but I can’t quite get the app, like how do I know if it is on or not (like how can I check if my mic muted or is my camera on?). My phone was constantly buzzing from others after I downloaded the app. I had to block it.

    I was told you don’t need to download the app to use discord

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  5. My daughter wants me to download discord

    I just don’t like any social media – only this because of the positivity… and I like the anonymity

    I don’t like to be tracked or force fed things so I just don’t bother

    So you did not like discord?

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