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  • Day442 races to come

    I can’t wait till the weekend to share! I just signed up for my races for next year and they are… 1. One City Marathon (VA) 2. Grandma’s Marathon, (MN) 3. lastly as of now, Salisbury Marathon (MD) I am most hyped about the One City Marathon because I think I have been waiting for […]

  • Day418 Mouth of Wilson

    I might be repeating myself, but I like how goals that seem to be impossible or even unthinkable are suddenly become mundane. Why I set those goals? I like to dream to the point of fantasizing. Don’t we all? I dream of running in this place and that place or going to here or there […]

  • Day400 last review of 2020? (and into 21.1)

    I have been waiting for this day forever. Readers as you might notice the pattern that I have slow down my posting. It was a bit intentional on my part. I have been soft inting. I have mentioned many posts ago maybe around November that I was tilting… It became a hard tilt. I messed […]

  • Day398

    This won’t be a full blog, just some thoughts. I was looking into microblogging but not the popular ones. I joined discord last year, when I wanted to listen a live stream of a translator of a web novel I was following. It is a cool piece of software. I thought it was an open […]