Day410 my unicorn (goals)

-Running a 200 miler. I have no desire to do this actively yet as I did for the 100 miler. 2-3 days of not sleeping…yike. Just too brutal. I won’t close this door prematurely. It would be awesome if I do it, but I won’t cry about it if I don’t. It might take me 5 years to get there. 200+ and beyond only attracts very few selected runners. It is an exclusive club. If I think a 100 mile is insanity, 200 mile, I have no word. Yup, same mentality I had when I started running marathons, how could someone run the hundred. This is probably the cheapest of all goals. Mental though is a tough goal.

Running across the US. This is definitely epic. It is beyond me right now to do something like this. Limit by funding and the fitness level to do it. And the logistics. I don’t have a crew. It has been hard building my community even for the 100, luckily I did my 100 without a crew. Ya, it is hard to convince 2-3 friends to spend the summer with you traveling across the country. They would be as nut as you. And it is a one shot thing. There are maybe thousand people who had done it. Yet if I ever got to run this, I will definitely be changed to a different person (a unicorn). Also to tell the world about it. This will test my organization skill.

50 states. This is just a matter of time to achieve to run a marathon in each state. It is more a logistical issue than ability. However, if I could do it within the next 5 years, it would be sweet. When I finish it, definitely would be a cap. Just a matter of time and money. I am of course racing against time, the older I am the harder to run a marathon. I just want to get it done and over with. Still have 43 more states to go. Probably the easiest of all goals.

7-continent. Run a marathon in each continent over 7 days. This is probably just a money issue. And a publicity stunt. I have not much a desire that I need to do this, yet if the opportunity presents, I won’t turn it down. Costs about 30-50 grand to do it. Fitness too, but I think I can get my body ready for it. Having run a 100 miler over 2 days, 7 marathons in 7 days is not that much harder. Maybe about twice as hard. There are organizations out there that handle the logistics, so it is not as daunting as it seems. Just a one time cost. As long as I save up, then this dream is possible. This is kind of my honeymoon wish.

Appalachian Thru Hike. This is so dope. Probably of all my dreams, this ranks the top. I won’t deny it. Definitely my dream to live on the mountain for a season. If I ever get to do this, it is definitely a new chapter in my life. I won’t be the same if I did this or any of the thru hikes. Thousands of people do this every year.

I have a bunch of other bucket list items, but these few are my top favorites. None other than the 50 states, do I have a good chance in finishing.

The next 5 to 10 years will be interesting. It will be whether I can live a life freely doing what my heart leads or doing the same boring things day after day. Of course, I want so much to step out my comfort zone and abandon all fears and reasons to chase the dream. They all require insane amount of time and money. One impossible goal a year, we get them done.

Most of my time though is spent away building up resources so that I can go out to do this kind of things. These are the unicorn goals. (unicorn: rare/mythical borderline unrealistic goal)

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  1. Antin, I love your unicorn goals! (Even the fact you’ve completed a 100 miler makes you a unicorn in my book!) Can’t wait to follow you along your journey, however long it takes, and celebrate with you!

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