Day412 random

Don’t really have much to write but trying to throw something together here while on my way to work.

I’m taking the train today and plan to run back home after work. Maybe a little crazy. The mileage from google map is 14-15 miles but some of those are on roads without sidewalks, so I will have to make some detours. The final mileage probably around 20 miles or more.

How long will it take? 3-6 hours. No idea. I ran the route last year on a weekend and I got home around 11 pm, but that time I was taking a big detour to my mom’s place, adding in like 10 miles. I should get home probably by 10 tonight, hopefully. I will get home eventually.

CRAW – virtual running around the world, our team is near finishing the region. My team and I are excited. We’ve been on this pampas region (S.Amer) for 10-11 weeks, since the beginning of the year. We need to get it done. We are around 100 miles away, which is about 3-4 days, give that we run 30 miles a day as a team. Personally though, I wish we could finish it today.

I did some calculations, we will finish going around the whole world by summer 2022, maybe by late summer. I haven’t tell our team that to not dampen their spirit. We know we won’t finish it by end of this year, but no one knows we will be 6-8 months behind. We are currently about 2 months behind. The next region might be our last.

As you can see, I am probably in a post marathon blue. Not because of the CRAW. This usually happens to me after a hard race. I guess I was spent.

The weekend run was pretty hard. I have not experienced dying inside in a race. That was how it is. I hit a low point and never got back up. Hope tonight run would be a good shakeout.

GLHF everyone! (good luck have fun- twitch gaming abbr)

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