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  • Day465 and so it begins

    Nothing much happened for me last week. I might as well take the week off for a mental health break. And I did, from running that is. I blame the booster shot. It made me super tired and unmotivated. I was better though by the end of the week but I did not run. Running […]

  • Day429

    Contentless entry. Writing this more to myself because its another week. I want to keep up with a weekly posting so the blog wouldn’t bit rot. So want to do some computer coding at this moment! give me a math problem so I can pound it out on the keyboard. Wait I don’t even have […]

  • brief post – Day414

    Trying to keep this short because I had nothing to say. I had a lot of ideas whenever I run, but afterward, especially the next day they vanish. I had done several long runs from work to home since I last posted about it. They are not super long, but 16-19 mile run is just […]

  • Day412 random

    Don’t really have much to write but trying to throw something together here while on my way to work. I’m taking the train today and plan to run back home after work. Maybe a little crazy. The mileage from google map is 14-15 miles but some of those are on roads without sidewalks, so I […]

  • Day399 Flex

    Not trying to make any statement…just something I saw on my run Why is the flag flown at half staff? anyone? Is it because of last week? “insurrection?” Short blog today… my sister said my blog is always too long. Learned a new web thing today. TL;DR I thought it was a typo people put […]

  • Day359 random friday?

    I will just leave a bunch of stuffs here. Never mind I usually do that any way. I signed up for a marathon! Not going to say it for fear of jinxing it. But yes there is a real marathon! There will be social distancing and stuff. I signed a waiver saying I won’t sue […]

  • Day333 content

    I like special numbers. There is a thing my friend got me started. Like if you look at the time and the number repeats itself, such as 09:09 or 12:12, I would make a mental note – Hey this is special I should pause and remember it! Crazy right!? I have been doing it…for years…it […]

  • Day311 random rambling

    Last night I couldn’t fall asleep again. It wasn’t because of worrying but because I was just too excited after a run. Reminded me why I shouldn’t run at night. Adrenaline was pumping through me in the wee hours. So I wrote the below. It is kind of stupid rambling, which I am embarrassed to […]

  • Random Friday sort-of

    Day 233 / weekend A plug for my friend Isaiah Day who started this blog Player Development for athletes. I am anticipating his interview with an ultra distance runner next Tuesday 3/3 @10:00 ET. More info about the interview can be found on his group Facebook page. ah…it is hard to link to FB. Other […]

  • random thoughts

    Day 191 On my way to OGU I got my wish and now am heading out to Glen Lyn for the Old Glory 50K (OGU). I orignally thought I would have to skip it due to conflicting with a long backpacking trip this weekend. Through much toils and tribulations, here I am. Lot of unnecessary […]