Day423 CRAW – a big finish

CRAW is something so hard like impossible but once doing it, it is not too bad.

I have been doing this virtual race, trying run around the world with a team of 10, virtually (of course). It is a bigger version of running across Tennessee, which I did last year (GVRAT) and I am doing again this year.

What so interesting is even though it is a virtual race, it feels like we are actually doing it in real life (IRL). We are putting in our miles and doing as best as we can to finish it – like a real race. I guess a matter of perspective!

I mean I do run a lot, but we usually don’t imagine able to run across a state in a summer or across the globe in a year (granted this is with a team). The funny thing is once you put a physical starting location and ending location, the training run reaches a whole other level. That is what the race director wants us to think. Just a different perspective. It is so cool.

So yeah, I can say I am running around the world with 9 other people. Last night, our team finished Antarctica. It was a cold and windy night for me too. Luckily no rain. It was the biggest region of the whole race, which took us 73 days to do! I am happy.

We know we won’t win any award. Our team is not that fast, pretty average, but we are moving consistently and we have a full team. There is a team of just 4 people-KOKO, but they are moving fast! – that’s wow. Our team is not like that. We are amazing too but just not that. Our team has been together for almost a year. We are almost halfway through.

We’re just chugging along…

Next week…I will have some fun. I plan to be a race sweeper at the World’s End Ultra. I will be away. Wish me luck especially I got a tick bite earlier this week and it is not looking good. Fingers crossed I don’t have Lyme for a second time. That is some horrible horrible stuff. No runners want Lyme.

After that, I have the Laurel Highland Ultra. I have been waiting for this for two years. It would be a 22 hour run for me!

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  1. So excited for you, Antin! Keep us updated! Good luck, too! Fingers and toes crossed about your tick bite – Lyme Disease is definitely not what you need right now (or ever again).

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