Day430 rest and plan

rest is a nice way to say I am burned out from running. I took a week off. This was not intentional. It was that I couldn’t bring myself out to run. First time happened since I started running 5 years ago.

I did take time off before – twice last year for two weeks at a time because I just came back from Atlanta and I felt I should do my civic duty by quarantine myself for two weeks. I literally did not go outside.

repercussion: We are slightly behind in our CRAW race because of my time off (about 2 days) and I am about 150 miles behind on my GVRAT race. CRAW is a team race so my team carries my miles. Whereas GVRAT is an individual race, and whatever I didn’t do, I would have to make it up. 150 miles to make up is a lot. Whether I can finish the race is iffy.

Last year I wasn’t able to make it. This year, it is tough. I am about at the same place as last year in term of position. I would have to run about 15 miles every day to be able to finish it. My average so far has been 7 miles. So I am kind of doom. It is not impossible but very hard to pull it off. As a runner, I can’t focus on the bad news but have to stay positive – one step at a time.

I think I am better now. I started running again

In another news, I should start planning/working on the New River Gorge 100, which I have been dragging my feet. Definitely I can do it without any planning but I would like to know what I get myself into – like knowing the terrain, time, (and climate) and then adjust my pacing specifically for the race. Likely it will be cold weather running, so I will need to adjust to that too. Not sure why I am delaying in training for the race.

Another aspect to plan for is recruiting supports. If I am handpicking my pacer(s), I need to get them ready too. 20 miles is a bit hard for a normal person to pull off, so need to get them ready for the terrain as well, plus all the logistics to get them to where they need to be, and all the food/water they need as well. I might need 2-3 crew/pacer persons. The earlier the better.

This also means doing training runs. We should have at least three or four. I do run on my own, but I would like the training to be as closely match to the race itself, best if done at location. Maybe because of the work needed I have been procastinating.

Lastly of course is research. I would like to read as much on the race as possible. Also I like to test out my nutrition. And come up with a race plan.

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