Contentless entry. Writing this more to myself because its another week. I want to keep up with a weekly posting so the blog wouldn’t bit rot. So want to do some computer coding at this moment! give me a math problem so I can pound it out on the keyboard. Wait I don’t even have a computer any more.

I am on a down week – no trip planned and no anything big planned. A cool lowkey weekend though I want to redo the run I suppose to do last week, which is the true 50K run instead of just 25K at Catoctin. Poll: who think I will go and do it?

My next race won’t be until August. I should be training for it but … it seems still so far away and I feel I can just wing it.

It is ok to have an unscripted weekend. I need the time off. Nothing on the agenda.

I started playing games now. Stardew Valley and Final Fantasy 4. They are old…but I am picking it up now. Nearly 20 hours into it. Yes, more time on it almost compare to working.

I’m back to being a ‘degen’ – a buzz word now on twitch. I sleep whenever, usually at very odd hours. I am active when when most people go to bed (10pm or later). Maybe it is an excuse for training for night runs. I love night runs.

Trying to find motivation again to run…where is the flame when I need it. I read from somewhere, motivation comes after we start doing something. The best way to get motivated for a run is to go and run.

As for closing this entry, I did something positive by thinking a bit of how to train for my November 100 miler. I listed out the things I needed at the aid stations. It was a good start.

Been thinking on life goals again. I think I have my vision/mission statement, and I have a few intermediate goals. Should I share them? I need to do something big and urgently – I want to go somewhere…like to Annapurna. That’s for now

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