Day432 mind dump

I used to post every day but have switched to weekly posting. Why? Less for readers to follow and read.

I like to write about my runs. I had good run each day. They seem mundane but each one is special to me. Something I love to blog about but I think my readers might have fatigue in reading the same thing over and over.

Last night, I ran to Arlington. Almost wanted to circle around to the Airport and to headed DC and back to Arlington – they called this the Arlington Loop, which is about 15 miles long and usually can easily take 4 or more hours to do it. I could run it faster but I like to take my time with longer routes.

Two Fridays ago I did the Arlington Loop after work. I didn’t get back to my car until near midnight. Of course I added in an extra 5-6 miles from work to where the loop starts. And also stopped by my company to finish up some work (that is another story).

It brought back feelings I had before the pandemic where I used to do this route before church on Sunday. Actually, I used to bike around it and now I am running it – kind of a crazy feeling to know how much I have improved. Ya 13-15 miles each day, no problem when thinking back 13-15 used to be something I dread about and we only did it like in once a month.

With the Pademic, there is no more church and I rarely ever go to Arlington any more. Also my work relocated. I am no longer going downtown into DC for work. So the run I brought back some memories when I saw the Airport and the Monument and the river.

This time I ran at night. I don’t think I did this nighttime before. I always like night runs. Just a different feeling when you can’t see much and everything is a shadow. Sometimes creepy feeling. There is a section that always spook me near where I live. There is some kind of posts the use for fence at this housing complex. And at night I always feel like it is a torso and I jump each time I run past one. Then I would laugh at myself for being a scary cat. For this kind of feeling is why I like night run.

Also it is lot cooler and calmer to run at night. It is kind of lonely too since usually I would be the only one out. I run late into the night.

I have been thinking. I need to do an all night run one weekend. I think that would be cool. Yes cooler as temperature and cool as in something new to do. Except I do get pretty sleepy once it is past my bed time.

This is more a filler post. Not much is planned for today. I finished the CRAW Region 5 two weeks ago. My team pulled us through. We were missing 10 miles on Sunday night. Several of them went back out and ran 14 miles and finished the region. That was huge. I was too tired to celebrate. I was too tired to go back out and run actually. But we finished it – like running over 150 miles over the two days. I didn’t expected that from them. I didn’t expect anyone to go back out and run it. Sometimes people are amazing.

Last weekend was a less intense run. I went to Mt Rogers vicinity / Hurricane Trail. It was an awesome weekend and an epic run. Running like this feels me up. I was in a happy place. The main point was Hurricane Trail was less scary than what I made out to be. I will be going back next weekend. I wish I wrote about it. There is only so much time available to write. I can’t write about my every run.

While away last weekend I signed up for a race – The Devil Dog 100. I forgot about it until I saw the charge on my credit card and wondered when did I make such a purchase. It was an arm and a leg. Then after some googling, yes, I did sign up in the middle of the night. There is no buyer remorse. I am hyped about it actually. It will be a hard race. Expensive but I think worth it. (I will be doing the 100k not the 100 mile one)

Finally, what I want to say is I still have lot of running till the end of the month. I am doing the GVRAT (back again version) – the Tennessee race. I am still 100 miles behind. I need about 100 miles every week to reach it, but unfortunately I am pulling about 80-90 miles. It doesn’t mean I am doomed but it has been a struggle and continue will be until I am absoulutely sure I have no chance to finish. By the way, I hope to get to halfway across Tennessee this weekend and then there would be about 322 miles left. My projected finish is around Sept 10…of course I need and wish to finish it by August 31 to have it counted.

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