Day454 WTF stop cussing

Finally after all the training and races, I did not run much since. I guess it was a well needed rest for my mind and body.

I went into running as a recreation to get away from the stress at work, but running had taken over my life and itself became a stressor. Kind a is. I need to be chill from my running.

During the past five years, I had only stopped running four times. The first was when I got Lyme disease in 2018? The second and third time was when I came back from Atlanta last year during Covid, I did two self imposed quarantine with each one for 2 weeks. I went to Atlanta twice that summer, so took a two-week break each time. They were the longest pause from running I ever did. This compares to when I “ran” even when I had Lyme disease. The last two months (~10 weeks) had been my longest break since I started running. Sure, I ran three ultras during the same time frame, with one of them being the biggest race in my life (West Virginia Rim to River).

The Last two weeks, I have been hampered with an injury, the same one I had during the last race at The Devil Dog. I did not go see my doctor but I think I pulled my left hamstring.

Besides the injury, it was mostly other factors. I was busy with work at Work and have been putting in longer hours. Also the sun is setting so early now and I don’t have much desire to run after dark. All excuses I know.

What I actually wanted to write is I have been watching a lot of youtube and twitch tv. One of the few that strikes my fansy is study/practice or working streams. I like watching professional artists or musicians honing their craft. True, many of them are boring to watch, but they put such long hours into their practice doing seemingly over and over again the same thing yet with a passion. Then comes the performance. We all like to watch their final masterpieces.

I am fascinated because I want to emulate their passion into my running. I run usually only about an hour every day but these artists they could put on hours end whenever they pick up their brushes. I’m ranting here. I have been thinking at what point do I give up in my training to save my body or at what point I push through my training knowing I will injure myself even more. Convention wisdom is to listen to your body and rest.p

If I am doing a once in a life time race, like a 200 mile race and I am like 90% done, I think I would risk injuring myself even permanently by pushing through. This Question came up often during races – like in my last race, I carried some painkillers on me. I could have taken them to shut off the feedback loop so I could push on. However, doing that is usually a bad idea because it means pushing beyond what the body or muscle is capable. It was not a temptation for me though at least during the last race to resort to painkillers. I pretty sure I was done running that day.

What’s next? My mom called and was surprised I had no more races until next year like in March or April. I had never so long a break! I did not realize races stress me out until I realize I’m are free from them!

So my itchy trigger happy fingers saw a race (two in fact) posted on Facebook yesterday and so I signed up. They said it is free! Who doesn’t like free races? I am not technically in the race yet. This race/organization is a bit weird, like old school weird. The race director picks who get to run it. The application process is just name, age, and email. They only allow 50-60 people. So, I don’t know if I get approved. I haven’t read the fine print yet. The race name is WTF50 (waterfall 50K). It was canceled or somehow I did it on my own last year. Yes, the day I went was snowing and I ran on a creek with snow and ice and water. It was really a WTF* moment. It was one of crazy things I did. I got a speeding ticket on that day too. Hopefully this year will be better.

Second one? On the same weekend they (same organization) also have the Massanutten Academy Training Run/Camp #1. Also about 50K distance. I also want to run it. I signed up for Massanutten 100 mile race for next year and they say absolutely should do the training run.

I better get some training for my two training runs. Yes the training run (WTF) is as hard as the Massanutten race itself. Merry Xmas.

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  1. A free yet selective race. Interesting. But also kind of weird. Let us know if you make it!

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