Day455 spontaneous

Training has been hard…hard to get start again.

Only way to be good at running/anything is to keep on training. The moment we stop training our body and muscles started to decline.

I know all that.

For me, there is never a good time to train. There is always something comes up and interferes.

Only way to do it is to have it the first thing in the day before anything else. It means prioritizing.

Or if not the first thing, willing to have it be the last thing before going to bed. Willing to do it no matter how tiring.

Or have it in the planner. Set a time aside to have the run. It means to stick to the schedule. I used to follow the rule: no run means no dinner. This forces me to run early. Becuase we got to eat.

I am mostly a night time trainerbecause that is when I have time. After all the work and a long day, getting myself out to run no question is hard. I forced myself out the door last week. At least I did it for two nights, Monday and Wednesday. One was near 2 am in the morning.

It seemed harsh to train in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, but I find myself feeling most free. There is a joy that I did not want to stop once started.

It brought back my memory of my 100 mile race. Yes night time was the hardest time in the race, yet also the most peaceful to run. It was just you and the path without any distraction. All the scenery, cloud, tree, and even the path disappear. It is the lacking of sight that makes me really like night running.

I only ran a total of 9 miles last week but the two evening runs were ones I enjoyed.

I miss doing spontaneous run! It might have be guilted into it because I haven’t run for so long. Yet, not really feeling guilty once I started running.

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  1. Don’t worry, you’re doing great! And it’s nice knowing what are your strengths, like late running!

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